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Jen Heward: 4 Week Training Series – Part 4 Legs

Six moves for a full leg workout without moving anywhere else in the gym. Here I am demonstrating with the cable machine. These moves will focus on your quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thigh and glutes! I suggest each move be completed slowly. Constant contraction of the muscle to get the ultimate burn!

To maximize results from this workout, I suggest a higher carb day before your leg workout. I also recommend higher carb on leg day to give you the energy you need.

Stance Supplements Thermo & 1 scoop Lipotropic 30 min before training
1 scoop ForzaOne Karbolyn & 1 scoop Forzaone BCAA Intra (during) training

Pre & Post Workout Meal Recommendation:
Protein Source – 1 hour before
Carb Source – Immediately before training
Whey Protein – Immediately post training
Post-Post Training – Carb & Protein source (45-1hr later)
*Available at

Exercise 1 – Standing Single Leg Extension 6×12 each leg
Exercise 2 – Standing Single Leg Reverse Curl 6×12 each leg
Exercise 3 – Standing Single Leg Side Raise (adductor/outer thigh) 4×15 each leg
Exercise 4 – Standing Single Leg Inner Thigh Lift (abductor/inner) 4×15 each leg
Exercise 5 – Glute “Push Back” (your body should be bent over parallel to floor. Keep leg elevated the whole time, knee to chest then push straight back with foot flexed) 4×15 each side
Exercise 6 – Side Cable Squat 3×15 each side
Side Cable Squat with Pulse (pulse 2x) 3×8 each side




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