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The WuPang Clan

The WuPang Clan: Ain’t Nuthin’ to Flex With: Whitney Johns

The WuPang Clan: Whitney Johns
Photo by LHGFX

Fitness trainer and influencer extraordinaire Whitney Johns shares her candid stories of the climb to being a top trainer to the masses and her own personal experiences as to why she became so involved in helping others achieve their fitness goals. Her experiences in the fitness competition world helped shift her focus on gut health to help her clients and how being on stage as a competitor went against her upbringing as a Mormon. She also shares what it was like growing up and leaving the Mormon community and making the move to LA. We finish things off on a fun note with a round of “Never Have I Ever” and some backstories! Hosted by Karen Pang

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Cover Athlete

Whitney Johns is the Physique of the Year for 2020 & 2021 and cover model for Fitness Gurls Magazine.


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