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Cover Athlete

Diana Vazquez is the latest Fitness Gurls Cover Athlete

Diana Vazquez, One of the Most Beautiful in the World. A True Latin Goddess.

Diana Vazquez Fitness Gurls
Photos by @thehollywoodhustle

One of the most beautiful women in the world, Diana Vazquez has captured Fitness Gurls Nation with her striking eyes and incredible physique. We absolutely love this Latin Goddess finally appearing on the cover of Fitness Gurls.

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We’re so happy you’re on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine. You’re one of our favorite models in the
industry today. 

I’m super excited to be on this cover. It’s another accomplishment I get to share with everybody! I’ve been following Fitness Gurls for quite some time now, so it’s exciting to be able to be a part of the magazine.

Being fit is a lifestyle choice. When did this journey begin for you, and what served as the catalyst for pushing you to step into the gym for the first time?

It actually all started for me back in 2013. I wasn’t happy with how my body looked physically.  I honestly hate the sentence, “You look good the way you are” because if someone isn’t comfortable with their appearance and wants to change that, no one should tell them not to change.  I wanted to be a better me and feel good about myself, so I began the journey and did what I wanted. 

Some people get stuck in the mentality of wanting fast results and being discouraged when they don’t see any. For beginners, this can be a huge issue. What advice would you give them as a professional fitness model?

Timing is everything. And time is precious. It’s going to take time to see results. YOU may not see results when you think you should, but everyone else will… and when you get that first compliment, you keep pushing.


Being a fitness model and social media personality means you are perceived differently by most people, in both positive and negative ways. How do you combat any negativity you receive and not let it get to you?

This question always took me a while to understand. I couldn’t grasp why people wanted you to fail. Why people hated what you do when it concerned them none? Naturally, you can’t help but get discouraged by ugly comments. It took me a while to finally just say, “I don’t give a f*ck about anyone’s opinion of me, who can’t even step out of their own comfort zone”… I did and they can’t stand seeing me better myself. 

There seems to be a warped obsession surrounding women and weights, with the stigma right now being that lifting weights will make them “bulky”. This stems from people it’ll make them unfeminine. Why do you think so many people still believe such a thing? Also, in your own words, how would you define femininity?

I believe that men and women who still believe that women who lift will be manly, clearly know nothing of the game. They see women who are actually “bodybuilders” and think that’s what happens, not knowing that there are many different training aspects. It’s comical really.  How would I define femininity? Being able to do things a man can and STILL love getting dressed up, looking, and feeling beautiful. You don’t have to always look like a barbie, but it sure does feel nice. 

If a close friend of yours could tell us a rather embarrassing or exciting story about yourself, what do you
reckon it’d be?

Oh gosh… I have a few of these haha. This was long ago, but probably the time my group of friends went sledding and I couldn’t hold back my laughter and peed myself. It was cold out, but I was dying of laughter because my sister ate sh*t on a tube sled and started crying. She’s one of my older sisters, so it was funny. 

What do you think about the misconception “if you’re beautiful, you can’t be smart” and how do you think it negatively affects people’s perception of others?

 See, ugh this probably irks me more than anything. I believe people think this way because when they come across a woman who is attractive, they get intimidated by just their beauty and assume they aren’t smart. A “boy” doesn’t want to be with a woman who is smart and beautiful, otherwise, she can think on her own and not need him. A “man” knows the value a smart and attractive woman has.  The more she can do, the better. Oh, she looks great doing it too, even better. It’s almost a catch-22 with that. 

What would one surprising fact be about yourself that fans would be shocked to hear?

Mmm…  I don’t really.  I was a cook at a Greek restaurant while I built my career. 

Modeling is much an art form as say writing or painting. For the people that might not know the intricacies that go into creating artistic pictures as you do, could you shed some light on the process and how you approach it individually?

It actually took me a while to get creative and artsy with shooting. I always just did what I was comfortable shooting and what photographers said. Only because they see through the lens, I don’t. As time went on, I realized that I had an eye for color compatibility and what worked for each location. Not necessarily my poses because now I just go with the flow and what I think looks good. Creativity isn’t for everyone. 

Diana Vazquez Fitness Gurls cover model



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