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Sarah Houchens is the Fitness Gurls Cover Model

One of the most beautiful women in the world, Sarah Houchens has captured Fitness Gurls Nation.

Sarah Houchens Fitness Gurls Cover Shot

One of the most beautiful women in the world, Sarah Houchens has captured Fitness Gurls Nation with her striking eyes and incredible glutes. The reigning Queen of the Booty is finally on the cover. And we can’t thank her enough.


You’re the current ‘booty queen’. How hard do you work to maintain your glutes?
I work hard! Usually, I’m hitting glutes 3-4x a week. There are very few weeks that go by where I am not sore! 


What’s the one thing you absolutely can’t go to the gym without?
10000% my AirPods. Good music is crucial to a good workout for me!

What would you say are some do’s and don’t’s for beginners in the gym?
Do focus on yourself and your goals. Don’t focus on anyone else or compare your journey to anyone else. Also, make sure you’re informed. Working out is like a science and your body is the chemistry set. Read, learn and grow! Last but not least, find exercises you enjoy and have fun! 

Photo by @kodastyles

What is the most important thing for you when preparing for a shoot?
Bringing good energy and confidence! Good music also helps me get in the right mood for a shoot! 

Do you have a favorite destination for a vacation?
Anywhere tropical really. I recently went to Tulum and loved it. Also really love Bali!

Photo by @kodastyles

We all have days where even our passions feel like work. What is your least favorite thing about working out?
My least favorite thing is working out when I’m tired or not in the mood. It can be hard when life gets hard to get a good workout in – but I’ve found that discipline will always beat motivation. On those days when I’m lacking motivation, I just make sure to show up for myself. 

You push yourself to the limit in order to attain your flawless physique. What’s your secret?

You vs you mindset. I’ve improved my body composition so much when I began to focus on getting 1% better each week. I set tiny, attainable goals at first and here I am years later with the physique I set out to have from the start! Once you put blinders on and realize your only competition is yourself, it becomes a whole different game! 

Photo by @kodastyles

What has been your main source of inspiration in life? What fuels you when the going gets tough?

Knowing how hard my life has been and being able to overcome every obstacle and grow into a stronger version of myself. When things get tough, I remind myself it’s only temporary and on the other side, I’ll be a stronger, better version of myself.

In addition to your glutes, your abs are incredibly toned. Can you share some tips to attain abs as toned as yours?

Of course! Diet is key with abs – when I really want them to look shredded, I eat in a slight calorie deficit and focus on protein with each meal. I also try to eat a relatively clean diet – I’m a huge advocate for eating healthy. I view food as a form of medicine and the healthier you eat, the better you will feel. I also work out my abs about 3-4x a week!

Read the rest of her interview in the issue. Buy the print issue here.

Photo by @kodastyles


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