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How a good night’s sleep can be beneficial for exercise and workouts

Find solutions to help you make the most out of your workouts in the future.

Staying fit is one of the simplest ways to live a long life. But for many of us, working out doesn’t come easy. It’s okay to admit that you find exercise difficult; even that you don’t enjoy it. But rather than accepting that exercise just isn’t for you, try to look into the causes of your feelings. You will then be able to find solutions to help you make the most out of your workouts in the future.

Do you dislike exercise because it exhausts you? Perhaps don’t push yourself so hard. Or what if your exhaustion is down to something else, such as an underlying illness – or a lack of sleep?

Sleep is incredibly important; we all know that by now. And by not getting enough shuteye, you are likely to perform worse at exercise, or even injure yourself.

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Here are just a few reasons why a good night’s sleep can be beneficial for exercise and workouts:

Your head is in the game

When you wake up feeling rested and raring to go, you are more likely to stay focused on your workout. This means that you will bring more to the table, and your body will be rewarded for it. Focus allows you to push yourself to new levels, and feel the benefits of doing so more deeply. It also prevents accidents from happening during exercise.

You are more energized

When your body goes into sleep mode at night, you are giving it the time to repair and re-energize itself. This is why it is advised that you sleep on a comfortable mattress; to help you to get the best quality sleep as possible. The next day, a good night’s sleep will have provided you with the energy you need to tackle the day. You will feel physically less tired, which will help you to work out longer without becoming too exhausted.

You will have good form

Fatigue can cause us to lose our concentration and throw us off form. When this happens, we are more susceptible to injury or overuse of our bodies. Nobody wants to injure themselves when they work out – as much as you might feel you dislike exercise, trust us when we say that bed rest is so much more tiresome. To keep your body safe and alert, you need to have had a great night’s sleep prior to exercising.

You will choose the right pre- and post-workout foods

When we are tired, we are more likely to choose foods that aren’t good for us. A recent study has figured out exactly why we reach for the bad stuff after a poor night’s sleep. Your nose goes into hyperdrive, which causes you to reach for those sharp flavors, like chips and candy, rather than something milder, like veggies and whole grains. Only when our brains are refreshed can we make healthy food decisions rather than acting on impulse cravings.

Exercise and sleep go hand in hand

Sleeping well and exercising will actually help you to sleep better in the future. Research has linked daily exercise with plentiful shuteye, finding that exercise can promote drowsiness when the body drops in temperature post-workout, and can even reduce insomnia by decreasing anxiety and arousal. And with a good night’s sleep better preparing you for exercise, it is easy to see how exercise and sleep can become the ultimate healthy cycle.


There are so many exercise benefits to be had from a good sleep. Just remember that it is important to always listen to your body. If you slept terribly, don’t force exercise the next day. Just take an early night and try again tomorrow.



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