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How to Get Better Sleep When You Are on Your Period

Periods come in a woman’s life every month whilst bringing mood swings, cramps, and other sleeping problems. Around 30% of women on average go through sleepless nights due to menstruation. This mainly happens due to hormonal changes that take place during this time of the month.

You may feel a lot of anxiousness during this time. You go through a lot of mood swings and feeling irritable most of the time. This happens due to the fluctuation of estrogen levels. This constant irritability makes it harder to sleep peacefully at night. Moreover, the temperature in your body also starts to rise and you feel a lot hotter than usual. This rise in body temperature also acts as a contributing factor in causing disrupted sleep.

And the most difficult thing during this time is dealing with painful menstrual cramps at night

These painful cramps won’t let you get a decent sleep and will keep you awake through the night. Even during the day, these cramps will leave you feeling exhausted and the added sleep deprivation will cause problems for you. 

Nevertheless, sleeping during your period can be quite challenging. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow that will help you get a decent sleep at night.

Heat Therapy for Cramps Relief

There’s an easy and quite an effective way of dealing with menstrual cramps at night. You can heat your lower abdomen area with a warm water bottle. This will help in relaxing your uterus muscles that are causing the cramps and regulate blood flow. If you don’t have a water bottle, a warm towel would also do or a quick warm bath before bedtime. 

Heat therapy is best for cramps relief because it puts one’s muscles at ease. The contractions causing the pain are relaxed and then you can fall asleep easily without waking up again and again in the middle of the night.

Sleep in the Fetal Position

If heating your lower abdomen doesn’t work, you can try sleeping in a certain position that would minimize your muscle contractions and help in easing out the pain. You can curve up like a ball in your bed in a fetal position – this position controls the flow of blood to an extent.

This position is best for those women who experience a lot of menstrual cramps and can relieve them of the excruciating pain. This fetal position eases the pressure off the uterus muscles and decreases the tension in the abdominal area. 

Adopt a Healthy Sleep Routine

The best way to deal with menstrual cramps during bedtime is to set a healthy sleep routine and then stick to it. Women who go through a lot of pain during their period should take extra care of themselves by staying healthy. We always encourage women to set a nighttime routine that they can follow through their menstrual cycle.

You must take a warm bath before bedtime. This will make you feel drowsy and relaxed and will also relax the muscles in your abdominal area, hence less or no cramps. Secondly, avoid the use of electronics in bed. Get rid of all the gadgets during bedtime as they interfere in your healthy sleeping pattern. Thirdly, set a bedtime for these days and strictly follow that schedule. Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day helps you get a good quality sleep. 

Keep Your Bedroom Cool

During your period, the body temperature starts to rise due to rising levels of progesterone in your body. It also results in a constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. Sometimes these hormones in your body keep you warmer than usual which makes it even harder for you to get a decent sleep. This is the reason why most women report to experience difficulty in sleeping during the first two days of menstruation when hormone levels are fluctuating. 

When your body starts to feel warmer than usual and is aching of fatigue, make sure to keep your bedroom cool enough to sleep peacefully. This cool environment will fight the heat in your body and keep you comfortable. 

Eat Light

When your period is giving you trouble sleeping at night, you must do everything to make yourself comfortable and avoid everything that could lead to disruptions in your sleep. One of those things is to avoid eating heavy fatty foods. During menstruation, one gets a craving to eat different kinds of foods but self-control should be exercised because these foods might taste excellent but they will keep you up all night. 

Such foods cause disruptions in your sleep by making you go to the bathroom again and again. This also interferes with your body temperature, making you feel warm and agitated. If you feel hungry at night, it’s better to eat something light that won’t mess up your digestive system.

Don’t Skip Exercise

Everyone knows it’s difficult to sleep during menstruation, so you should do everything you can to make yourself feel sleepy at night. One of the easiest ways is to exercise. We know that it’s the last thing you might want to do on your period but a light walk or jog will be extremely beneficial for you. It will regulate the blood flow which will minimize the cramps and help you sleep at night.

Exercising also releases endorphins in your body which help in easing the anxiety and depression that you might feel. This will make you feel light-headed all the time. 

Get Cozy

Lastly and most importantly, find yourself comfortable bedding during your period. The more relaxed you feel, the better. Sleep with your most comfortable pillow and mattress, in the most comfortable sleeping position. It is important to make yourself as cozy as possible by doing whatever soothes your body. 

Follow these effective tips during your period and you’ll feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential especially when you’re on your period feeling miserable and exhausted.



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