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Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Fast metabolism plays key role in ensuring weight loss. However if you are not taking enough measures to rev up your metabolism, you may not see much progress. Metabolism not only benefits you by burning more calories, but it also allows you to eat more even during your weight loss regime and thereby makes it easy to stick with new lifestyle for long term result.

Lift weight
Hours of cardio will not help you reach anywhere if your goal is to rev up your metabolism. Weight lifting is the best exercise if you want faster metabolism. That’s because it helps you to build and maintain lean muscle. People with more lean muscle mass have higher resting metabolic rate.

Working out with moderate to heavy weight helps burn more calories even hours after your workout. You should schedule muscles building session for 2 to 3 times a week, but give at least one day in between each session for recovery.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
HIIT has the potential to turn your boring cardio into metabolism boosting workout. Just like weight lifting, HIIT also stimulates your body in to burning more calories even hours after your workout. If you are doing cardio on a regular basis, add sprints to the mix. Work-out at your maximum effort for 15 seconds to a minute and then slow down to recover between sprints. Here is a five minute HIIT workout to get started.

• 45 seconds jump squats
• 15 seconds rest
• 60 seconds jump rope
• 15 seconds rest
• 45 seconds burpees
• 15 seconds rest

There are many food items that play key role to rev up your metabolism, especially spicy foods such as the ones containing ginger or cayenne. Spicy food increases body temperature which works as a catalyst to speed up your metabolism. Foods rich in iron raises metabolism since iron helps with the transportation of oxygen to the cells and supports cellular metabolism. Protein also helps to rev up metabolism since body burns more calories to digest protein, compared to carbs and fat. Foods such as lean meat and beans are rich in both iron and protein.

Staying well hydrated helps to boosts metabolism. Water flushes away energy swapping toxin from the body, which would otherwise make you feel drained and tired. Aim for at least 3 liters of water a day. But you should ideally drink more water if you are working out to lose your weight, since your body generates more toxins when it burns fat.



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