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6 Cardio Exercises You Should Be Doing

1. Running (Moderate Pace)

Running at a medium intensity is one of the most effective cardio exercises you can do within the comfort of your house, however it is not the ideal exercise to help build or maintain muscles in the body. To make running more effective, we suggest running on the tread mill with a 20-30 degree incline to stimulate fat loss and is actually much better for your knees.

2. Jumping Ropes

Known as the mainstay in a boxers routine, jumping ropes is one of the easiest cardio workouts to do, doesn’t require any special training or equipment and can be done wherever suitable. Jumping ropes, for experts, can ideally burn up to 250 calories in 30 minutes. Now for beginners, we suggest jumping ropes continuously for 2 minutes with 20-30 seconds rest alternating both. For all you experts out there, alternate your jumping ropes regime for 30-60 seconds with either a strength or cardio circuit.

3. Jogging

Jogging in a stationary position is both effective, convenient and absolutely free. It is a great way for warming up and raising your heart rate before an intense workout. The best ways to incorporate jogging into your existing workout routine is by alternating 30-60 seconds of stationary jogging in your strength and cardio circuits to get that heart rate pumping.

4. Cycling

Stationary cycling or spin classes are a mainstay at most gym and fitness centers. However, the trick is to cycle at a high intensity for the maximum cardio benefits. Cycling at moderate to high speeds can help you burn up to 600-1100 calories. The best way to cycle your way to fat loss is by keeping the intensity really high for a couple of minutes with subsequent periods of rest and keep alternating them for as long as you can.

5. Swimming

Known as a whole body workout, swimming begins the moment you tread through water. Obviously, swimming requires training from a specialist and a pool and is not something you can do with convenience. However the benefits clearly outweigh the negatives. During swimming you are essentially fighting against gravity by keeping yourself from drowning making it an ideal cardio exercise and fat loss regimen. To make the most out of swimming, and if you can, try to swim in high intensity with as many laps and reps as possible for as longer as you can. 

6. High Intensity Interval Training

Popularly known as HIIT, this a series of well-rounded workouts with high intensity alternating with periods of rest to help you shred tons of calories and weight. You can burn anywhere from 500-1500 calories per hour. Pairing your HIIT workouts with a traditional cardio or weight element is the perfect body shredder for anyone. The beauty of these workouts is that you can maximize benefits within the comfort of your own house. You can either join a gym or check on the internet for various tutorials.



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