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Summer Soderstrom: Women We Love: Interview & Photos

Summer Soderstrom
Photo by @dreamstatelive

We sit down with one of the most beautiful influencers in the world, Summer Soderstrom. The Los Angeles-based model is one of the hottest new models in the fitness and influencer industry. With her beauty and drive, we don’t see anything stopping her to be one of the biggest names in this business.

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You were signed on by Rebels MGMT based off of your amazing work on social media. What was your experience rising to fame online like that?

Thank you! I wouldn’t consider it fame but I am definitely grateful for every opportunity that has come my way. Social media can be a difficult place but it can also be a tool that is very useful for making connections and growing your own brand. For me, my name is my brand. My experience with that is something that is growing daily and I am always learning what works and what doesn’t every single day.  

Photo by @dreamstatelive

You’ve mentioned your 5-year plan is to eventually start up your own independent company. New experiences can be quite exciting but also terrifying. How do you deal with the uncertainty of such a thing?

You’re right, going into something new with all that uncertainty can be such a terrifying thing! That alone holds a lot of people back from following their goals and dreams because they are worried about failure. That is a normal feeling and I believe everyone experiences those doubts when they are chasing that path. I have been fortunate to have friends that have reached a level of success in their life that can encourage and motivate me as well as giving me the advice I may need. It’s so important to have those kinds of influences in your life. Another great influence to have to help diminish uncertainty for me has been reading books on chasing your goals and stories of successful people and how much they failed before becoming what they are today. One book that has helped me was The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. 

Photo by @dreamstatelive

You’ve traveled to exotic locations for various shoots. What was your favorite place to shoot so far?

 I love traveling and have enjoyed every place that I have had the opportunity to go. Bali Indonesia was the most special for me. Not only was it my first time out of the country, but it was also such an adventure to see the difference in culture and how spiritual it is there. I also got to backpack from location to location and hike down to Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida which was quite an experience in itself. 

Photo by @dreamstatelive

You’re a naturally driven person with a drive to chase whatever your mindsets on. How do you find the motivation to keep going?

That brings me back to the question about handling uncertainty. I am naturally a “go-getter” but having mentors in your life that will push you is so important as well as setting your own goals and making time to work on those goals every single day. I find that reading self-help books and books on other people’s success keeps me motivated too. 

Photo by @dreamstatelive

Modeling takes a lot of work with busy schedules and long hours of shooting. What would you consider the perfect day when you’re off work?

My perfect day off would be spent with a yoga sesh and meditating first thing in the morning followed by a good breakfast and then taking my dog hiking on a trail, bumming it at the beach and then hitting the gym!

Music always gets one fired up during gym workout sessions. What are your top 3 workout tracks?

Right now my top three go-to workout songs are Roses Imanbek remix by Saint JHN, Gud Vibrations Habstrakt remix, Elevate DJ Khalil remix

If you could only wear one thing, what would be your go-to outfit?

My go-to everyday outfit is either a comfy lounge outfit or workout clothes!

You’ve collaborated with Eats to make some really amazing videos. How do you reflect on your experience having worked with them?

I’ve had some great experiences with the Eats team! Chris Applebaum is so much fun to work with and we always create amazing content together!




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