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NXT’s Chelsea Green: Women We Love: Photos & Interview

We sit down with “The Face (and Body) of the Women’s Division” of NXT

Chelsea Green
Photo by @forerophotography

You’ve mentioned making it in wrestling has helped you find your identity. How does that achievement feel?
I absolutely love wrestling. But if you had asked me ten years ago what I wanted to be, it would never have been a “professional wrestler”. I feel like everything I’ve done in life has lead me to become a wrestler, from being a Hooters waitress to being a personal trainer. Now that I am doing what I was meant to do, I feel whole. I am confident in who I am, and what I bring to the table in everything from my work to my relationships. 

What’s the one aspect you enjoy the most about being a wrestler?
I enjoy the physicality of being a wrestler. The bumps & bruises I get are the best part of my job. I look at those like I would’ve looked at a trophy for a kickass soccer game, or a medal for winning the 100m race. I’ve also always loved working out and seeing my body change, so now to be able to do that and be rewarded is amazing. The reward being, seeing myself on TV weekly!

How did you discover your passion for wrestling, and what motivates you to pursue it the way you have?
I fell into wrestling while I was in college. I was going to Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta and was procrastinating doing my homework one night. I was watching tv and WWE Raw randomly came on. That was the exact moment I fell in love with this business. I spent the next few hours doing my research on ‘how to become a WWE superstar’, and less than a week later I was training to become one.  My dad always told me “We’re Greens and Greens aren’t quitters” so that mentality has stuck with me. Once I made the decision to purse wrestling, I made sure to tell all my family and friends so that I was held accountable… Once you tell them something as crazy as that, you better not quit!

It must be an incredibly rigorous process to stay in shape for upcoming matches. What inspires you to get up and hustle?
Seeing myself on national television weekly is enough inspiration to get my ass out of bed every morning!  In wrestling, we have no offseason. So unlike most sports, we don’t have time to binge eat or to take vacations from the gym. That in itself is a blessing and a curse. I constantly stay in the gym and make sure that my workout routines are ones that I can uphold 24/7 as opposed to fad diets. With that being said, there are plenty of injuries that come with my job. I’ve learned to workout around those, while also knowing when to just REST. 

You’ve come a long way in your career, from the independent circuit to now at NXT, which takes a lot of dedication and commitment. Retrospectively speaking what are your thoughts on your journey thus far?
I’m so happy that my journey has panned out this way. All of the times someone told me NO or a company didn’t hire me, lead me here. I was able to work my way up the indies, travel the world, star on a reality show, live in Japan, become a stunt double, wrestle as a luchadora… There’s not one other female is NXT that can say that. I’m so proud of the path I took, even if it took twice as long as I thought it would! 

Seeing myself on national television weekly is enough inspiration to get my ass out of bed every morning!

What would you say is the craziest thing that has happened during the course of your career?
In 2016, I was living in Japan and had a few shows I had to do in India. During my first show, I broke my collarbone. I finished the match and was airlifted to a hospital in Dehradun, India. I spent a week in hospital where I underwent surgery before my LONG journey home. I ended up having to fly (with one arm) back to Japan to pick up all my bags before flying home to Canada. The trip home ended up being about 50 hours, and it was a painful week, but a great story to tell now! 

If you could face any dream opponent, of any era, who would it be and why?
I’ve always had the same answer and until this match happens my answer will never change! Triple threat match. ME vs NATALYA vs TRISH STRATUS. Three Canadians! 

What’s the first thing that goes through your mind when entering the ring, before a match?
1. Do I remember the match? 
2. Are my boobs still in my gear? You never know. We wear small attire. 
3. Alright, game time. Let’s show the fans who Chelsea Green is. 

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