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10 Times Janna Breslin Made us Fall in Love with Her Alluring Physique

We cover IG model and influencer Janna Breslin’s most iconic moments.

Janna Breslin Instagram
Photos @jannabreslin

Instagram influencer and fitness model extraordinaire Janna Breslin is one of the most beautiful women in the industry. Her killer commitment to looking her best matched with her captivating beauty and charming personality make her a social media personality you just can’t help but love. The influencer and fitness model has her own podcast and is forever in the pursuit of knowledge and betterment of the self, a journey that she wishes to share with her fanbase on her Instagram.

Among her many feats, this talented beauty and total catch of a woman has also been our 2016 Physique of the Year winner, aside from doing us the honor of gracing our magazine’s cover, too.

Let’s take a look at the 10 Times Janna Breslin rocked our worlds with her incredibly fit physique.

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 Yellow Bikini 

Janna Breslin dazzles her fanbase in a simple yellow bikini. She leaves, of course, her incredibly attractive physique to do the heavy lifting here, which it absolutely does. The star of the show here is her amazing washboard abs, which she’s no doubt worked so hard to achieve and maintain.

Janna Breslin’s subtle facial expression, her hypnotic gaze and that top-percentile physique she’s crafted to perfection are a killer combination.

Janna Breslin

 Pool Party 

Blue never looked this good. Shot in Medellín, Colombia, this photo was a part of Janna Breslin’s gorgeous Fitness Gurls Travel Issue shoot where the fit personality and model brought her A-game.

Her charming expressions matched with a killer physique turn some heads. She’s seen wearing a beautiful blue bikini, which is a color she pulls off incredibly well. 

Fans of the model share this sentiment, too, as the comments section of this post is full of appreciation for Janna’s killer looks and her undeniably captivating charms. 

Compliments like “gorgeous” and “fit & beauty” flooded in, paying an ode to her stunning looks. 

Janna Breslin Fitness Gurls

 Messy Hair, Don’t Care

For those who think that Janna Breslin needs to don a bikini or lingerie to pull off being ‘sexy’, this post is here to prove you wrong. Janna Breslin’s range as a fitness model shines through here as she lights up Instagram with just a simple top and some track pants. Yet, that’s more than enough to woo her fanbase, which was very appreciative of her alluring physique.

Showing off her elite body in such a simple yet sexy attire, Janna’s beautiful messy hair is also so captivating. This is truly one of her most iconic pictures. 

Janna Breslin

Tropical Fun in the Sun 

Imagine you’re a hard-working and dedicated person that’s put many hours in the gym to achieve your desired physique. It hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it. What’s a great way to celebrate yourself, your hard work, and all that time spent putting in some major effort?

Well, take a bold and daring snapshot of yourself by the beach in a tropical setting, of course. Janna Breslin makes waves with a really racy picture of herself topless and wearing a red bikini. The calm and cool vibes of the ocean nearby make for such a gorgeous backdrop, though all eyes are on Breslin herself, which is only natural considering how ethereal she is. With a cap and a rad pair of shades, she is the perfect blend of hot and cool at the very same time, something very few people can pull off successfully. 

Janna Breslin topless

 Cover Girl 

One of the most stunning images ever of Janna Breslin and we’re quite proud to say we were able to capture it for our cover. Janna Breslin exudes grace and radiates goddess energy in this shit. Once again wearing her stunning blue bikini, the model looks nothing short of magnificent. 

Her gaze pierces the soul and her physique induces heart palpitations for many. This image is more than just your average bikini picture featuring Janna Breslin. This is her proving that she is, indeed, the moment. 

Janna Breslin Fitness Gurls cover

 Physique Check 

As is customary for anyone with big-time body goals, Janna Breslin here is posting one of the most relatable aspects for anyone pursuing a fitness-inspired lifestyle. That is, of course, her posting a picture as she performs a physique check to keep track of her progress, as well as feel her most beautiful and authentic self in a dazzlingly gorgeous pair of lingerie. 

Janna Breslin looked like an absolute angel in the photo as she dedicated its caption to talking about some questions regarding self-love and authenticity. Her message of being one’s true self and bringing honesty, realism, and adoring oneself on the inside and out is a very timeless and relevant one. One that’s worth paying attention to, for sure. One of Janna Breslin’s best features is that she leads by example. 

Janna Breslin Instagram

Beach Bum 

Janna Breslin is out here living her best life, and living up to the term ‘beach bum’ for sure. Speaking of which, one could say another ideal she’s living up to is ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.’

And flaunt it, she does. 

Here Janna’s winning smile and red bikini are such a beautiful combination, it’s impossible to take your eyes off her sheer beauty and the authenticity she radiates in this picture. In a way, this also speaks the truest of her nature and captures the epic model’s vibe in the most earnest way possible. 

You can find Janna Breslin in her natural habitat, which is on a sandy tropical beach, by the waves of the ocean lounging in swimwear and living life to the fullest.

When it comes to that, we can all take a page or 2 from her book.

Janna Breslin Buns Bikini

 Lady in the Water

What do you think happens when fitness influencer Janna Breslin strips down for a steamy shoot in the water for fans everywhere and the celebration of the female form? Well, Instagram goes up in flames, that’s what.

Breslin and many fitness models have always wanted to pay an ode to the female form as it is in and of itself a work of art, and never has that sentiment been more clearly stated in its visualization than this picture of Janna Breslin in the ocean. As she stares back at the camera while it captures her beauty, she radiates absolute and total sensuality in every sense of the word. 

In fact, mere words and sentiments are not enough to convey how truly gorgeous of a woman and model she is, and how iconic this shot is.

Janna Breslin Fitness Gurls

 T-Shirt n Bikini Combo

Janna Breslin invokes casual and sexy vibes with just a t-shirt and bikini celebrating the warm weather and the result of her hard work.

Her gorgeous smile is infectious and is on full display here. What makes this photo of hers so epic and iconic is that it’s a perfect example of the life one can choose to lead if one chooses to love themselves unconditionally and put those countless hours in the gym focusing on their grind.

Janna Breslin has done both to no end, to the point where she makes it look easy. It isn’t, but she looks good showing off her progress and that’s what fans love most about her. She truly is an icon.


Beauty on the Bench

Janna Breslin was snapped here for the cover of our Travel Issue and once more, absolutely oozes sensuality in the best possible way. Aside from the eye candy that is her amazing physique, the scene stealer is those eyes of hers. The intensity with which she’s been able to engage the lens that’s capturing her is so captivating, fans can’t help but be pulled into the scenery and admire her for who she is, an amazing fit inspiration. 

That blue bikini looks stunning on her and elevates this photo from ‘pretty great’ to truly ‘iconic’. But then again, that’s just what Janna Breslin does. She elevates things. 

Janna Breslin

And that covers it. The 10 times Janna Breslin Instagram has left us all speechless. Judging from the launch of her new exclusive website, where she explores her more artistic and adventurous side, it looks like this isn’t the last time she has left us with our collective jaws on the floor. We wish her all the best, and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


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