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10 Times Sommer Ray Flaunted Her Irresistible Physique

We appreciate the Fitness Personality’s Hottest Moments on The ‘Gram.

Sommer Ray
Photos by @sommerray

Sommer Ray is a fitness model and influencer most popular for her photoshoots and workout regimens. It’s not surprising she’s amassed a massive following online due to sporting one of the most elite bodies in the world of fitness.

Getting and maintaining that top-percentile body is not easy, but she sure makes it look that way. During the course of her stint on social media, the fit-spiration has had a variety of jaw-dropping photos that’s left fans speechless, to say the least.

So, it’s only fair we take a look back at some of the hottest content Sommer Ray has dropped for the ‘gram and her fans worldwide. 


Spotted Bikini 

Sommer Ray is spotted here in a gorgeous bikini that accentuates her stellar physique. Seen here promoting her swim line on Instagram, Sommer Ray took this moment to celebrate this wondrous occasion by sharing a picture of herself in a bikini. 

She radiates pure Goddess energy in the photo, and her fans are here for it. From being flooded with heart-eye emojis to being called the perfect girl in the whole world, Sommer Ray fans were definitely satisfied by having another post exhibiting her true beauty. 

Sommer Ray

Orange Fiesta

Going for an orange-themed shoot, Sommer Ray delights fans and admirers alike, wearing an orange bikini and hat combo The orange backdrop is perfect to highlight her golden tan physique, making her look truly ethereal here.

Her tight tummy is the star of the show as well as her killer curves. Sommer Ray proves once more that she’s one of the best in the business. 


Cheeky Mountain Hike

When one leads an active lifestyle like Sommer Ray here, athletic activities are pretty much par for the course when it comes to social media content. As such, Sommer Ray does not disappoint fans, sharing a beautifully daring picture of her in a fabulous bikini and boots combo, standing in front of a rocky backdrop.

For a hiking trip, she has one of the hottest attires one could possibly wear. 

Sommer Ray

Peach by the Beach

Beaches, sunshine, and one-piece bikinis are all common ground for a fitness model, and Sommer Ray is no different here. She looks absolutely sunkissed and beautiful here, taking the opportunity to share her peachy gains with her fans.

Building those glute muscles can’t have come easy, and she’s proud of sharing them with her admirers on social media. After all, you know how the saying goes, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Sommer Ray understands the assignment. 

Sommer Ray

DJ Sommer Ray Droppin’ Some Beats

Sommer Ray’s a multitalented woman. Among her many feats, DJ’ing is a pleasantly surprising one, considering the picturesque model can be fiery hot in front of the camera, then transition to dropping some fiery beats that’ll have the dance floor roaring with excitement. 

A pair of short-shorts and a top make for a simple yet beautifully iconic get-up, one that suits the bold presence and personality Sommer Ray has, too. 

Vibin’ at Coachella 

Sommer Ray brings her best self to Coachella in a tropical look she pulls off all too well. Taking to Instagram to share the occasion with her fans, Sommer Ray captions the post “was hesitant to post my Coachella pics cause didn’t wanna add to the annoyance but here I am hahaha” with a picture of her gorgeous look. She looks radiant and relaxed as she’s just takin’ in the vibes of the place. Only one such as Sommer Ray could look this beautiful and make it feel effortless. 

Valentine’s Day Delight

Sommer Ray spices up her fans’ Instagram feeds for Valentine’s Day, sporting a beautiful set of black lingerie and a rose in hand. She’s beautiful, hypnotic, sexy, and unbelievably gorgeous. The perfect photo for the occasion. 

Fans expressed their adoration for her in the comments section once more, with people leaving her compliments like “You’re from heaven! Ong” and “Wooow”

Wow, indeed. Sommer Ray is very close to being flawless, and this photoshoot is proof enough of that.

Fashion Icon

Sommer Ray puts the model in Fitness Model with some of her most glamorous, sexy photos to date.

Armed with high heels and a one-piece swimsuit, Sommer Ray was ready to take the ‘gram by storm with these pictures. To add to the ‘cool’ factor, she sports a pair of amazing sunglasses, too. Her incredibly toned physique takes care of the rest, bringing the whole package together to produce some amazing photographs that left fans stunned, dazed, and shook.

Poolside Lounging

Sommer Ray makes lounging looks so good. The fitness beauty has curlers in her hair and a beautiful white bikini to go with it. They say it’s a model’s ability to bring emotion and sensuality to a shoot or picture no matter the theme, and if that’s the case then Sommer Ray is a bona fide professional.

She oozes sensuality and beauty in such a natural, captivating fashion that it’s tough for fans not to admire her beauty. This is one of her best, yet.

Sommer Ray

Hypnotic Gaze 

Sommer Ray and pools go together like coffee and doughnuts, one could say. A beautiful fitness model lounging by the pool and mesmerizing her fans with her charms is the most on-brand for Sommer Ray.

Here she gazes lovingly at the camera, having her eyes do most of the work to hypnotize the audience and draw them in. Her top-tier physique is, of course, a sight to behold in and of itself. What more can be said about Sommer Ray? She’s a true professional of the craft.

And that just about covers our top list of jaw-droppingly beautiful pictures of fitness model and influencer Sommer Ray. Of course, a fitness personality like Sommer Ray has content full of her radiant, ethereal beauty on her Instagram, so be sure to follow her on social media to get a glimpse at the latest posts she’s made for fans.




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