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Heather Jenks – Gym Crush


You’re Fitness Gurls Australia’s first Sponsored Athlete, how’s the fitness industry in Australia and New Zealand?
Its exciting, because its growing. I feel it mimics the USA in its development, and the reason I moved. we certainly don’t have the range of food and services the USA has, but we’re getting there and changing for the better! social media has helped so much in that we can contact and share, and the Australasian vibe is really chilled and cool. this year we had the first Arnold classic bodybuilding competition and the UFC/ MMA fighting is starting to boom. people are really getting interested in fitness, which is great!


What’s a workout routine that has worked best for you?
Training total body is great, you can hit a bunch of muscle groups and condition the body! I’ve recently started using some powerlifting moves in my training, I love trying out new things. Warm up (this is essential, especially shoulder mobility!)

10 power clean and press
10 squats
10 squat jumps (no weight)
10 romanian deadlifts
10 bent over barbell row


Your fans and our readers love your glutes, what is he secret to developing great glutes?
To be honest, im blessed with good genetics for my derriere! I have a dance background growing up so i have maturity in my legs and glutes, and i train them hard. Many people think training heavy will give you best results, which is true to an extent, but train for the body you want. if you want perky and firm butt, then train it in isolation, not only with the legs. So many fitness and social media girls claim their butts are from squats alone, but the truth it… squats built your legs and core too, so if you want to focus just on your butt, that’s what you need to do.. like you would biceps or shoulders. You really have to focus on using the glutes, squeeze in the contraction, and don’t cheat the exercises by taking the load with your legs or back.


What does your normal diet consist of?
Off season is quite different to on season. I know what to eat and what my body can ‘get away with’. I like to take it pretty easy when I’m not competing, as I love eating out and trying new restaurants. I think most people into fitness have a new found appreciation for food, as you understand its value. I love good food, not fast food, so when I’m off season I like to get creative. on season, I eat to a structured plan that I know will give me the results I want. I give my clients the same format; but of course that is specific to them.

Example diet: off season/ normal
Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast, 2 eggs, high protein cheese and salsa
Snack: greek yoghurt, fruit and nuts
Lunch: sweet potato, protein and vegetables
Afternoon meal: chicken salad, avocado and rice cakes
Dinner: steak or salmon and vegetables
PM: protein blend or protein pancakes and dark chocolate


What’s one of the biggest things you’ve accomplish your life as a fitness personality?
I’ve had some great opportunities to work with sponsors, and some exciting things to come, but of course I LOVE being part of Fitness Gurls. I’ve said it from the start but i remember following FitnessGurls mag from the beginning when Claire was the only sponsored girl. Claire really encompassed everything I thought a fitness girl stood for and I’ve loved watching her journey and growth over the years, so I’m really stoked to be a part of the team now. I’m on my way to nationals next for the NZ IFBB, so thats the next challenge for me.


How do you stay motivated in your career?
Motivation isn’t hard, because this lifestyle is second nature to me now. Sure we all have our challenging days, but I owe it to my clients and followers to stay focused. I have a responsibility to deliver and motivate, and that keeps me going! when I’m having a real tough day, I’m not more hardcore by pushing through, so its super important to listen to the body and take time off if you need it. The foolish push through and cause more damage to themselves. remember there’s more to life that just dieting or training, you should have fun with it, have other interests and remember to make time for loved ones. Then you’ll never lack motivation.


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If you can do one thing in the fitness industry what would it be?
That’s a tricky one! Id like to make my mark as a personality, not just a body. Everyone has a back story, and everyone has their own insecurities. I think the industry is finally opening up to women embracing being strong over skinny, so my goal is to be the icon from Australasia both competitive and modeling, and keep it real. Its easy to get caught up in the glamor and the excitement that is the fitness world, skip the BS, keep it fun and positive, embrace all types of bodies and people, and create a movement where people aren’t afraid to admit they want to be physically better. It isn’t shallow, its constructive. Fitter body, fitter mind, fitter life!


What’s next for Heather Jenks?
Next is nationals in October, grow my online coaching and dominate the fitness industry ;) Id love to one day make it to the Olympia stage, they rarely get any blondes up there, and I don’t think there’s ever been a Kiwi so that’s the goal! And always to learn. That’s one thing to remember, there’s always more to learn!

Heather Jenks (Fitness Gurls Athlete) / IG @hjenks1
Photos by ABC Creative Photography / IG @abccreative





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