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Francesca Fox #FGFeature Friday Girl of the Week (May 23th)

How did you get started in fitness?
I suffered with body image issues and eating disorders for over 10 years. I studied to be a PT and then started weight training in September 2013 and something clicked! I haven’t looked back since!

How do you stay motivated in your career?
My main motivation is simply reminding myself daily how I felt when I wasn’t training, when I didn’t respect my body and wasn’t eating well and how miserable I felt. I am not motivated even more by people telling me that I inspire them to get other their eating disorders or simply to stet looking after their bodies better. It’s a humbling experience knowing that you can in some small way motivate people to be more.

What’s your favorite music to workout to?
House / electric. Anything that reminds me of Ibiza and gets my heart rate going!

Francesca Fox

What’s your favorite cheat meal?
Im a private chef and trained as a cordon bleu chef so I’m a massive foodie! cheats are little and often for me rather than one big meal or day. At the moment Im craving chocolate coated popcorn and a huge tub of nuts n more!

How do you deal with cravings?
Im a small caffeine addict and a coffee goes a long way! I also make sweet treats that are sugar free and full of protein and fats to help keep cravings at bay. Staying hydrated also helps so I always carry a Smart Shake filled with water with me wherever I go.

What does your diet consist of?
High fat, high protein, low carb. I prep things like salmon and dill egg white frittatas, turkey burgers and protein sweet treats to keep me going through the week – it helps a lot when i am busy for meetings and need to keep my diet on point.

What are your 3 favorite exercises?
Hip Thrust – because we all love a firm pair of glutes and this is my number now exercise for growing them and keeping them firm. I am 10 days out from WBFF London and just thrust 140kg with is a PB despite being calorie depleted!
Shoulder Press – I am always complimented on my shoulders and thats from pressing heavy (32kg at my biggest) and there is no better exercise than this in my opinion for helping sculpt your shoulders.
Sprints / HIIT – my favorite way to burn fat and get a real sweat on. HIIT keeps your metabolism reeved for up to 36hours and beats an hour and a half on the treadmill any day!

Which female celebrity’s physique do you admire the most?
Jennifer Nicole Lee was the first fitness model I ever saw and inspired me to start weight training. Once I saw her curves and toned physique I realized that having a feminine body wasn’t about catwalk models but having killer glutes, abs and defined curves.


What celebrity male’s physique do you find idea on guys?
My boyfriend (who is also my coach!) showed me a video of Mike O Hearn when we first met and he, without doubt, has the ultimate strong physique. He work and training ethic is truly admiral and I have been lucky enough to learn and listen to his advice first hand.

What supplements would you use or recommend?
I keep my supplement regime pretty simple; daily multivitamins, vitamin E, D, and A and BCAAs. I also take ZMA and 5 HTP before bed to help me sleep and keep my serotonin levels in check.

What are you top 10 songs to workout to?
F**king Problems – ASVP Rocky ft Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar
Dizee Rascal – I don’t need a reason
DAft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger
Boy Oh Boy – Diplo (Twrk edit)
Drake – Started from the Bottom
Naughty Boy ft Wiz Khalifia & Ella Eyre – Think About it (TWRK remix)
Kanye West and Jay Z vs Beeny Benassi – Paris Satisfaction
German Whip – remix featuring Skepta, Pro Green, Bossman Birdier and Rizzle Kicks
Nas – Hip Hop is Dead
Jay Z – Tom Ford

What’s next for you?
I am about to get for the first time at WBFF London and I have every desire to get my pro card and head to Vegas to compete at the World in August.
In the meantime, I am realizing my first downloadable cook book (available on my blog – )based on healthy, easy meals I love. I am also writing my hardback book on creating a healthy lifestyle which combines my love of food and fitness with recipes and daily habits Ive learnt that heaped me over come by own demons.
I hope to spend sometime in America inspiring others with my story and help people be the best they can be through food and fitness and positive mentality.

Do you have any advice or inspirational words for someone who is aspiring to get into the fitness world?
Fitness saved my life – really! It will not always be easy but remember, the short term pain will result in the long term pleasure. When I started training I had just come off antidepressants (having been on them for a decade), would have frequent panic attacks whilst training and couldn’t concentrate for longer than a set! Now I help coach girls from Australia, England to New York with my Team BeMore proving the correct tools to train, eat well and get your mind focused to makes your dreams an actual reality. Above all, trust the process and remember why you started. I remind myself that no matter how hard training or eating well might be, it is never as bad as what my life was like before! You got this!

Photos of Francesca Fox

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About Francesca Fox

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 60kg / 132 lbs
Born In: London, England
Resides: London, England
Measurements: 32DD-25- 32 (12 inch biceps)
Twitter: @fitnesskitchen
Instagram: @francescasfitkitchen




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