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Karen Pang Returns For Another Facetime Series Shoot

Back by popular demand, Karen Pang returns for her second Fitness Gurls Facetime Series shoot.

Karen Pang Fitness Gurls
Photo by @katejensenphoto for Fitness Gurls

You loved her Facetime photoshoot so much we had to bring her back. Karen Pang returns for her second Facetime Series shoot with Kate Jensen. We’re excited to have her back. You never can have enough of Karen Pang looking incredible all locked away in quarantine. Check out Karen Pang’s first Facetime Series shoot here.

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We love the first photoshoot we had to bring you back on Fitness Gurls. How do you keep your body looking so incredible through this pandemic?

It’s definitely not easy staying in shape during quarantine where I’m bored at home which leads me to trips to the pantry and fridge every 15 minutes! My eating habits have improved dramatically since the beginning of isolation, but I do have little treats here and there. I also have some light dumbbells, workout band, and some booty bands at home so I can do workouts, but it’s not like my regular training. I’ve definitely lost muscle from my lower body, but somehow I’ve managed to stay somewhat lean. Trust me, it’s sooooo hard to motivate myself to do my home workouts every day. I used to enjoy my morning walks, but that’s getting pretty old lol.

After this pandemic is over if you had a free trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

As much as I want to have a relaxing tropical destination for a trip, I feel like I’ve lazed around enough to last me the next 5 years so I don’t want to do that! I’d love to go to Europe and explore all the different countries and cities! Some mental and cultural stimulation is much needed!



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