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Courtney Gardner – New Fitness Gurls Athlete

How did you find a passion for fitness in your busy life?
Fitness has always been an emotional and mental outlet for me. From a young age if I was stressed or upset I would go on a run. I was addicted to the runner’s high. Today, I can’t run much due to an injury, but the gym has become that outlet. I make time in my hectic schedule because I am a my best self when I dedicate an hour or two of my day to sweat, to myself and my body. I am better for it emotionally and mentally in addition to the physical benefits.


How do you find time to work out?
I make it a priority on a daily basis! I have a very intense corporate career, but I still find the time because it is so important to me. I am a happier person when I am physically fit, I feel better and I look better. When I’m happy and healthy I am able to give more to the people around me, be a better employee, a better friend, etc.

What does your workout week look like?
I work out at night because that’s what works best for my schedule! I usually lift 5-6 times a week with some form of short HIIT cardio post workout 3-4 days a week.


Besides working out, what other active activities do you do?
I work full time in technology sales (nerd alert!), which I love. When I’m not working out I love to pick up my camera and take pictures. I was a photojournalism major in college and still shoot when time allows! I also love to shop and travel!


What motivates you to stay on track with your goals?
I am motivated to stay on track with my goals because I am a happier and more confident person when I take the time to put myself (and my health first). I have had times in my life where I did not eat right and work out and in hindsight I was not very happy overall. Living a fit lifestyle is not always easy, but to me it is worth it in the long run.

What was your inspiration for becoming fit?
My inspiration for getting fit actually came from Instagram. I had always been an athlete and enjoyed working out, but seeing people like Paige Hathaway and Jamie Eason gave me a new level of motivation to get fit. I also saw what a powerful platform Instagram could be to help other men and women get motivated to achieve their goals. My hope is that I can some day be an inspiration to people the way Paige and Jamie were to me!

For more Courtney Gardner:
IG: @courtgard
Photos by: @harrylhgfx




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