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Claire Rae – Fitness Gurls Magazine Sponsored Athlete

We’ve been working with you since the very beginning of the magazine, its so beautiful seeing your business blossom with BMM… What new with The Body Makeover Movement?
BMM (The Body Makeover Movement) always has something new going on. We are doing the Fit Soul Program right up until competition day in December. We opened up the categories for different levels. So now we have best physique male and female and best transformation male and female. It’s really awesome watching the people that have been with BMM for a while work their way up to best physique. I am always asking the members for what they would like to see next. It’s really a ton of fun. We are giving away cash to the winners on Christmas and we are matching the cash amount and donating it to Women’s Outreach, a charity in my area that aids families dealing with domestic violence. I thought it would be a great way to end the year and something all the members can feel good about. I strongly believe if we had healthy people we would have healthy communities and thus just live in a better world.


You have one of the most beautiful physiques in the world, our reigning Physique of the Year 2015 winner. What tips can you give fellow Fitness models of keep their physiques camera ready year round?
Thank you very much, I just have to say that it’s really is a lifestyle choice. You have to want to live it everyday. It’s taken me many years to get into the hang of it, but once you do you never want to go back to your old unhealthy ways. It’s just so awesome taking care of yourself and feeling good. I don’t think some people know what they are missing.


Claire Rae - Dumbell Workout Claire Rae - Costa Rica - BMM Bikini Shoot Claire Rae - Swimsuit Issue

You’re very fashionable, as the weather is changing, what are some of you go top colder weather items you like to wear?
I always like adding a scarf first thing when it gets cold, you can find so many fun colors and kinds. I obviously also love a good hat. I think the hardest thing for me during the season change is putting away the flip flops for the year, but heck, I’m a huge shoe lover so boots are shoes are fun too.



You’re going to be on the cover of the 2015 Fitness Gurls Swimsuit issue, we heard you got a sneak peak of the issue. What do you like most about this new issue?
The new issue is awesome!! I can’t wait for everyone to see it! The whole look and feel of it is so rad. Everyone looks so beautiful in it. My favorite part is the group shots of Ana, Hope and I in Kauai. I had such a great time with those girls, so it’s nice to have some memories in the form of pictures in a magazine.


Rapid Fire:
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Heels or Gym Shoes? Heels
Tea or Coffee- Coffee
Lover or Fighter- Lover
TV Shows or Movies- TV shows
Reading or Writing- Writing
Beach or City- Both
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Photos by LHGFX / @HarryLHGFX
For More Clare Rae / @clairemrae



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