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Let’s talk about SEX

Regular sex with a partner whom you care about very much, and feel 100% comfortable with can have a number of amazing health benefits.

Regular sex helps regulate and strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM
Regular sex helps naturally BOOST YOUR LIBIDO
Regular sex actually improves WOMEN’S BLADDER CONTROL ( mom’s you know the importance of this one:)
Regular sex helps lower your BLOOD PRESSURE
Regular sex counts as EXERCISE ( now it doesn’t mean you get to skip the gym everyday but it DOES help)
Regular sex helps lower your chance of HEART ATTACKS
Regular sex may help ward off PROSTATE CANCER
Regular sex IMPROVES your SLEEP
Regular sex EASES STRESS

Now it’s not so much the SEX that is the problem,more so the unspoken lack of sex that both men and women will at some point experience in their lifetime, even with a partner with whom they love and are in fact very attracted to.

Low libido occurs for numerous reasons, age, change in hormone levels, emotional stress, physical stress, tension and nutrient deprivation are just a few. The most common reason for erectile problems in men and lack of stimulation for women is simply poor blood circulation.


It goes without saying that a healthy sex drive will result in a happier healthier physical and emotional body. In order to sustain this you must follow a nutritional plan high in vitamins and minerals as well as exercise regularly.

There are however some natural supplements you can incorporate to help BOOST the desire and blood flow, ensuring that we all get a little extra lovin…

Gingko Bilbao – Helps increase blood flow. Acts as an anti-oxidant in the body. Has been used for centuries for increasing the desire for sex.
Ginseng – Used largely in China as a sexual balancer. Facilitates an improved physical and psychological stamina and strength. Also has been used for centuries for increasing libido.
Horny Goat Weed – The name says it all:) Vasodialator massively increases blood flow. Said to be the BEST natural tool in increasing ones sex drive.
Maca – Increases libido. Increases mood. Aids in infertility problems.Increases mental sexual desire. Increases Sperm quality
Yohimbe – Increases libido. Aids in erectile dysfunction. Acts as a calming agent.



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