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Andrea Smith: Fitness Model Interview

How did you get started in fitness?

In 2009, I started training for the WBFF Calgary championship and it snowballed from there!

How do you stay motivated?

I have an amazing support group- The biggest thing in my opinion is keeping yourself surrounded by positive people! Another thing I like to do is watch motivational videos on youtube when I am feeling unmotivated. Nerdy but it works!


What does your diet consist of?

About 5-6 meals per day, clean eating basically with the occasional treat!

What’s your favorite music to workout to?

Trance/house/electro, and classic rock if im feeling old school!

What body part are you most proud of?

Going to have to go with glutes on this one- my problem area but also my favorite area because I work it so hard!

What’s the best part about being a fitness competitor?

Inspiring others and seeing changes in my own body each year.


Why do you choose to compete in the WBFF, rather than another organization?

I love the vision the WBFF has for the future of fitness shows- it’s REALLY glamorous and such a fun time, plus the quality of athletes that compete with the WBFF is insane and I like competing with the best of the best! The biggest reason I have stayed, though, is because of the close knit family that the pros become. The Dillett’s are wonderful people and work so hard to create awesome opportunities for their pros. They ma family!

What is the biggest fitness myth you encounter in the fitness industry every day?

Trainers talking about lifting heavy to gain more muscle. Muscle responds to time under tension. Proper form, dedicated time in the gym along with proper nutrition will get you the best results.


What’s your favorite cheat meal?

All of them! JK. Honestly I just really love food in general and it depends what I am craving that day but… wine and chocolate are up there for sure.

What are your 3 favorite exercises?

  • Deadlift
  • Santana pushups
  • Box jumps
  • Which female fitness model’s physique do you admire the most?

    There are many female fitness model’s physiques I am in love with but I will always have a huge crush on Chady Dunmore, she is amazing!

    What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

    I use few supplements when training, but usually: PhD Greens and wired, PhD Fat Catalyst if dieting for a show, ALA, BCAA’s and multi vitamins/minerals.


    Top 10 tips for people who want to get in shape?

    1. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people
    2. Create a motivation board with everything that motivates you- people, things, bodies you admire, etc. Print everything out and put it in a visible place to remind you daily what you’re working towards!
    3. Get a trainer and nutrition specialist -someone who motivates you and has successful (and legitimate) transformation stories under their belt.
    4. Meditate and strengthen the mind in whatever way works for you- guided meditations, hot yoga, meditation classes or even just youtube some guided ones- whatever works for you! But training the mind is very important!
    5. Drink lots of water!
    6. Keep track of how you feel and maintain a good relationship with your physician.
    7. Set small attainable goals and little small rewards- like a new pair of trainers when you finally lost the first 5lbs or do your first full pushup, etc.
    8. Switch up your workout routines often to avoid boredom or losing motivation
    9. Consistency, confidence and commitment- This is a journey not a race!
    10. Don’t forget that life is about LOVE and HAPPINESS… make a list of the top 5 things that are a priority in your life and never lose sight of those. Balance is key!

    What’s next for you in 2013?

    I will be attending a fair bit of shows as I am training a lot of competitive clients this year, but for myself I am training for several photoshoots and for WBFF World’s in Vegas where I will be competing as a bikini pro for the second time! So excited!

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