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Alyssa Kai is Truly a Model to Watch

With her incredible girl-next-door looks and incredible body, Alyssa Kai is a model to keep your eye on.

Alyssa Kai Fitness Gurls
Photos by @thehollywoodhustle

Alyssa Kai has been working hard and leveling up. The blonde beauty’s hypnotic gaze and mysterious sense of allure have garnered her much attention. From her killer workout regimen to her definition of success, Alyssa Kai dishes the deets. 

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Welcome back to Fitness Gurls Magazine. We’re delighted to have you. What have you been up to since your last feature?

Thank you for having me back! I have been traveling quite a bit and starting my last semester of college. So, a lot of things keep me busy for sure! Finishing up this chapter of my life has been very hectic yet rewarding. 

Now that you’ve had some experience working as a model, what kind of pressure do you feel models have to deal with that people outside the industry may not be aware of or understand? How do you circumvent it and move forward?

I feel like there are many things that people might not be aware of. But, I would say the most prevalent pressure is an image. While that is the most stereotypical pressure, I feel like some may not know the depths of the pressure to maintain a certain look. I myself occasionally struggle with trying to impress myself and others with my image, but it is very counterproductive and turns into insecurities that I must overcome. 

Is there a particular fitness or fashion model that has influenced the way you work a photoshoot or approach a new artistic ‘shoot project?

I wouldn’t say there is a particular model, but I do follow quite a few that motivate me. The beauty of it is that each and every person is different, therefore their content and image are all slightly unique. It is very motivational to see so many different concepts and productions with content that I can draw from to help myself become better within this industry. 


Travel is a huge part of your line of work. Do you have any limits in terms of traveling to a destination for a photoshoot? What is the farthest you’d be willing to go if the project sounded creative, fun, and original?

I would easily travel anywhere as long as it does sound like a fun and creative project. I love seeing new places, so I don’t believe I would have any bounds for traveling to any destination. While I do hate plane rides, I would love to be able to travel as far as Asia to explore new places and create awesome content. 

Fitness, fashion, boudoir, there are endless types of modeling that young aspiring people can invest in, but in a social media-heavy and saturated world, it’s not relatively as easy to get that much-needed ‘in’. Do you have any tips for people looking to get their foot in the door modeling-wise? What would you advise them to do?

I would say the singular thing that allowed me to get my foot in the door was connections. I was fortunate enough to already know people within the industry, which made it very easy to enter it. For those that do not have these connections, I would suggest networking and getting to know influential people in any way you can. When you have people that can help you in this way, it makes it so much easier to succeed. I would also say that consistency and determination are key factors. Success does not happen overnight, therefore it is vital to stay consistent even if nothing looks like it is paying off. 

There’s an outward appearance factor that all fitness models can be quite an overwhelming experience, often to their detriment. How do models like yourself unplug and wind down from that sort of thing? Do you have a self-care routine you follow to ground yourself? 

I totally agree. I would say my self-care is more mental rather than physical. Mental challenges with appearance are oftentimes the hardest to overcome, so I try to remind myself that I do not need to look like anyone else or be like anyone else to succeed and feel beautiful. Taking time to disconnect from the social media world and just focusing on myself is such a key factor in my ability to continue within the industry. I would recommend doing things you love and spending time with people you love without documenting it on social media, it really allows you to focus on yourself and your mental health. 

We absolutely love your fit physique. It’s the perfect combination of supermodel fit. How do you stay fit and toned all year round with your busy schedule?

Well, thank you! I honestly have no special secret to my physique. I try to stay active, even if I have little time. Things as simple as 10-minute workouts in my room or taking my dog for a walk are often the only type of exercise I will get some days. I grew up playing a ton of sports, but soccer was my main one. The constant cardio I got from practices and games has definitely helped my image today. I was able to stay really fit back then, and now it is a matter of maintaining my physique through mostly diet and exercise when my schedule permits it. 

We would consider you a top influencer. To know you have a say in affecting the people following you is a huge responsibility. How do you feel about that and how has that affected your approach to running your social media accounts?

It hasn’t really dawned on me that I would be considered a top influencer. It is still hard to believe that people choose to follow me on my journey and continuously support me. I would agree, it is a very overbearing responsibility. But, I find it better just to be myself and try not to display a version of myself that is far-fetched from reality. Displaying a false reality could be detrimental and very counterproductive to those who look up to me. 

We know you work with our cover model Diana Vazquez a lot, what advice or tips has she given you to be a better model and influencer in this industry?

Yes, I have been very lucky to have Diana as a mentor and role model for this past year. She has always encouraged me to stay within my comfort and to never try to be someone I am not. She has been extremely helpful in dealing with the common pressures of the industry and everything in between. She is very creative, so she has helped me a ton with content ideas and keeping my content original. It is always wonderful to have someone that you know has your back, so I cannot express my gratitude to her enough.  

How would you define success?

Everyone seems to have their own metric on this subject, and we’d love to know what success means to you. Personally, I see success in a totally different way than most people. I define success as finding happiness and being content with your life. Many people struggle their whole lives to find happiness, whether that be financially, romantically, or within themselves. I knew from a young age that I did not want to search for happiness and waste time doing things that didn’t benefit my well-being. So, putting yourself into life situations that support you and make you happy is a wonderful success in my eyes, because not that many people get to see that point. 

How do you bounce back from a missed opportunity or a project that didn’t go your way? How do you keep looking at the road ahead and stay focused?

I tend not to get too worked up when a project doesn’t go my way. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, therefore I try to look at it as something that was just not meant to be for me. I try to keep my vision forward and keep myself prepared for the next opportunity that falls on my lap. I’ve learned that allowing yourself to get upset over things that you cannot change leads to absolutely anything. Changed behavior and changed perspective allow for growth and more opportunity with future endeavors. 

What is next for you on the horizon? What do you see yourself doing in the near future? Are there any prospects, in particular, you’re chasing, a milestone you wish to achieve?

I don’t have any specific milestones in mind. I’m sort of just taking everything one day at a time. My main goal is to get to a point in life that allows me to grow as a person and have plenty of opportunities to spread that to others. My main goal at the moment is to finish college and begin my journey toward my master’s degree. As far as wellness goes, I want to strive toward a healthier version of myself by staying consistent in my day-to-day life and surrounding myself with people that are healthy for me.




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