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11 Questions

11 Questions with Rochelle Wilson

Fitness Gurls talks with one of the most gorgeous stars in Australian fitness

How did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I’ve always trained from a very young age. I grew up doing competitive swimming. When I stopped swimming I turned into a bit of a cardio junky. But didn’t start my “weight training” journey till 2013. Everything else fell into place and I have never looked back!

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What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
I haven’t yet found anything challenging about being a fitness model. I live a very relaxed & balanced lifestyle. Especially when it comes to food and drink. When I started my journey that was my goal. To live a life with no restrictions & to be able to switch it on whenever I want.

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?
Double pulse barbell lunges
Triple head raises
T-bar row

Do you listen to music while you train? And what’s are your favorite types of music you like working out to?
Hahaha yes, I listen to music… a lot of people laugh at me when I tell them but it’s the only thing that gets me going & pushing through sets. I’ve been listening to the same albums for the past 3 years. Korn & Limp Bizkit. I can’t do anything else. I’ve tried & sessions aren’t as good!

Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?
I pride myself on my personality, therefore, I don’t attract a typical stereo type, so no. In fact, I love people outside of the fitness industry. Anyone different, quirky & funny. At the end of the day, muscle is muscle and everyone has it. I believe it shouldn’t change you as a person just because you may have more.

What is your current training style, routine or split?
I don’t really have a routine. I just try and train legs 3-4 x times a week. 1 x back, 1 x shoulders & 2 x abs with HIIT every now and then to clear my mind.

What are your favorite clean foods?
Ahhhh foooood! Let me see. At the moment I love this salad I created. Turkey mince, rice, 1/2 avo, cottage cheese, tomato, capsicum, coriander & Tabasco sauce! It’s the bomb diggidy! Tabouli & hot chook. Rib on the bone & vegetables.

Splurge foods?
I currently have an addiction to 4 x hash browns from McDonald’s. Salt & vinegar chips & hazel nut chocolate never gets old.

If you were trapped on an island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
A sexy man that knows how to have fun, beats & beer ??

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Hmmmmmmm I dunno. A few. ;)

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
Weights weights weights! Eat more & train less! If you don’t know what to do in the gym invest in a PT!

Also… Don’t set an 8-12 week goal. Set a 2-3 year goal! Make it a lifestyle, not a quick fix! So many people set these small unrealistic goals. Look at the bigger picture & go for it! Trial and error all the way! Find what works FOR YOU!

More about Rochelle Wilson
Height: 172cm / 5’8″
Weight: 65kg
Birth Year: 1987
Resides: Brisbane Australia
IG: @rochellewilson_
Photography by @abccreative




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