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The Fitness Gurls Podcast

The Fitness Gurls Podcast: Chady Dunmore

Hosted by Fitness Influencer Holly Barker

HI everyone! It’s Holly Barker here and today we are getting to talk with the amazing weight loss success, fitness champ, cover model mother… Chady Dunmore!

Chady was raised in Miami Florida and has had a love of sports and fitness since she was a child. At the age of 4 Chady was diagnosed with a kidney disease so being active and healthy was always at the forefront of her actions. At the age of, 8 she began Taekwondo, earning her black belt at age 12 and then transitioned into gymnastics. At the age of 16 Chady began modeling professionally and continued to cheer and model through her college years. Staying fit became her passion.

After college and a successful modeling career Chady decided to move to California.   By this time, Chady became a mother and she put her fitness skills to the ultimate test… having gained 70 + pounds during her high risk pregnancy due to her continued battle with her kidney disease she re-sculpted her body into a bikini fitness model.  She has graced over 13 fitness magazine covers (Such as Fitness Gurls, Fitness RX and Oxygen) , and has been the ambassador for various video and print product endorsements.   Chady later went on the win the 2010 Arnold Classic Bikini Champion title and the 2010 & 2011 WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion titles as well.  She became the only female athlete sponsored by Musclepharm from 2010 -2014 and was the Lead spokesmodel for the women’s supplement line called FitMiss from 2014-2015.  

She is currently the founder of sharing her workouts, recipes, fitness tips and balancing it all from the inside out with followers all around the world through social media outlets.


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It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how wrong things have gone, there’s always potential for a better tomorrow. It’s not going to stay a certain way forever; IT CAN’T. Don’t get down in the misery of today that you forget to get excited for the future, and what you’re doing to make it a good one. A close friend and soul sister of mine always tells me, No problem- only solutions. She helps remind me that you have to keep the hope inside you alive, because nothing is so far gone that it cant be fixed, or grow into something new and better. In the meantime, life is passing you by. Find some good in your day and appreciate it in between all the wallowing, planning, and doing. You don’t want to miss out on months of your life because something bad happened and now that has become your entire focus. It could even be something as small as a walk with your dog, or the smell of fresh air blowing in through your window. EVERY DAY has something to enjoy, even for a moment….before we get back to going hard after our goals.?? ?@lydastudios #ChadyFit #HealTHYself #happyhumpday

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