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The Fitness Gurls Podcast

The Fitness Gurls Podcast: Callie Bundy

Hosted by Fitness Influencer Holly Barker

Hi everyone!! It’s Holly Barker here and today I get to talk to the social media, viral video sensation Callie Bundy!

Callie is a self-proclaimed professional “American”. She is a former athlete turned IFBB Bikini Pro and now an all-star at throwing things that gain massive media attention!

Callie is a Six Star and Gronk Fitness ambassador and is a true example of living life through adventure and openness to opportunity! I’m so excited to learn more from this incredible and inspirational beauty!


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I’ve trained my whole life & the only time I start to see real changes in my physique are when I get serious about what I eat. For me usually that means eating more & most importantly making sure I’m getting in enough protein! Even if I don’t get anything else right that day I always make sure I get all my protein in. Every cell in the human body contains protein and you need it to repair cells & make new ones. It also uses it to make enzymes, hormones and other cool stuff your body needs to be healthy & kick donkey haha. One easy way I do that is I have a @sixstarpronutrition whey isolate protein shake, usually paired with some nuts or a slice of Ezekiel bread. It’s super easy, quick, you can have it for any meal & it’s packed with proteinnn ?? So whatever you do, make sure you’re getting all your protein in #yourmom said ? #sixstarsponsor #momtheprotein

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