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Women Recover Faster Than Men

And it’s time to brag

Now, before you brag to your male gym buddies that you can throw down more pounds in the gym faster than they can. The study that concluded this is based on the bench press, so you can still brag on one exercise.

Men tend to be seen as the rulers in the gym, while many women feel intimidated by the weight room. This fact isn’t the worst thing in the world for most women because even heavy cardio can help you reach your goals. Who doesn’t love grinding in that spinning class in front of a big screen TV at the gym? I absolutely love cardio, in fact, I built a great guide on the best spin bikes on the market.

But here’s the truth coming straight out the personal trainers (my) mouth. You need to lift or do calisthenics to gain mass or trim down. Whatever your goal may be, you need to face the weight room. The great news is, women may be more suited for lifting than men. Let’s get into the details.

The School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science at Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA. Submitted a study to the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (a peer-reviewed science journal) research that suggests that men should wait for around 48 hours in-between resistance training. Women on the other hand, actually only have to wait 4 hours. The study was conducted with 12 athletes (6 males and 6 females) in a 3-week resistance training program. The men were built comparably, and so were the women.

Now science shows that estrogen can help aid in muscle repair, therefore shortening the amount of time to recover between sessions. There may be other factors involved in this, but we can conclude that women can survive longer on the gym floor than men. How can you actually take advantage of this data?

It’s best to hop right into it with a plan if you don’t have enough knowledge to build your fitness program, it’s suggested to speak with a personal trainer at your home gym. If you would like, you can also find free plans on websites like My top three exercises in the gym are listed below, give them a shot!

Favorite Upper Body: Cable Crossover
Lise Aquin

The Cable crossover is key to any regime I suggest to someone looking to train chest and their stabilizer muscles simultaneously. Those stabilizers will help you maintain that weight properly and help fully form proportional muscles later on in your journey. This is a beginner level exercise that anyone can take advantage of.

How to perform:
Step 1: Place the pulleys (handles) above your head on both sides.
Step 2: Step forward 1 step in a straight line, push your chest out.
Step 3: Place your arms parallel to your shoulders on each side & slightly bend your elbows.
Step 4: Pull forward until your hands cross at the wrist, return to starting position.
Don’t yank the weight, breath and take it slowly.

Favorite Abdominal: Weighted Sit-Ups

You really can’t beat the simple “Sit-Up.” That’s because it can be done anywhere and you can’t mess it up. Here’s a little twist to it, take it a step forward and add more resistance than just body weight. I prefer to step up my abdominal game mostly because the more you train, the easier they will be to see when you are a lower body fat. For women, you can expect to see your abs around 16 to 19 percent body fat.

How to perform:
Step 1: Grab a resistance band & place the band behind the head of the decline bench.
Step 2: Lay onto the bench and grab the midsection of the resistance band.
Step 3: Perform a sit-up slowly and stop once your elbows hit your knees. Return to starting Position.

Favorite Lower Body Exercise: Weighted Squats

Everyone wants to tone their booty, and it’s by far one of the top reasons women go to the gym. But with the myriad of infomercials and fad diets, it’s hard to figure out what does the trick. It’s a lot simpler than you would believe as fitness usually is. I love the Weighted Squat, that’s because it hits every part of the lower body but concentrates on your glutes. When you add that added resistance with weights, you really push your body forward faster than body weight training.

How to perform:
Step 1: Hold kettlebells/plates/dumbbells in each hand
Step 2: In the basic squat position, perform a full squat (buttocks breaking the knee plane)
Step 3: Return to starting position.
Be sure to perform this exercise slowly.

These activities combined with a diverse list of additional training can help you excel in the gym. With the fact that women can recover faster than men and the growing source of great information on the internet here at Fitness Gurls Magazine. You will be completely prepared to own the gym with your GIRL POWER.

Brice Hagood
ISSA Personal Trainer, Dog-Dad & Surfer
Author at



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