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Margarine: A Molecule Away From Plastic?

Oh, Margarine. Your feminine name is music to our ears. The appeal of less calories than butter. You had as at “Hello”. And then all these crazy facts come out. “Margarine a molecule away from plastic?”.

What’s the scoop?

1. Margarine is one molecule away from plastic. I heard and wrote about this before. Nobody seems to agree what the real harm is, if any. The truth is, many things are a molecule away from plastic, which sounds dangerous but it not proven to harm us.

The one proven harm of margarine is that is trans fats heavy.

2. Hydrogenated Oils

These are the ingredients to watch for. The FDA allows companies to list “0 Trans Fat” on products that have less than 5 grams of trans fat, which is a lot and your arteries biggest enemy. If you feel like you must add margarine to your life, read the nutrition level first. If it contains hydrogenated oils drop it and run. They are bad for you and full of empty calories.

3. The Substitutes

If you absolutely must have butter try to stay away from butter substitutes. Use almond or sunflower butter instead; they are naturally rich in heart-healthy fats and also contain fiber and protein, which is a much better and more natural alternative.

Extra virgin olive oil, coconut spread, humus or avocado are other much healthier options.





Food & Nutrition

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