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Everything you need to know about the Master Cleanse

One of the most popular cleansing detox methods used by many people today is called the Master Cleanse, also popularly known as the Lemonade Diet. The Master Cleanse is one of the most popular of its kind, and has thousands of devoted people who practice it and also consider it a fairly easy detox/fast to undergo. This is said because the ingredients in the juice are easy to have on hand most of the time and the drink itself has enough calories to keep your energy levels up.

The Master Cleanse drink consists mainly of lemon juice, maple syrup, and a slight bit of cayenne pepper. The Master Cleanse recipe was created in 1941 by a man named Stanley Burroughs who actually wrote a book about the cleanse called The Master Cleanser.

Although the master cleanse has been proven to be very beneficial in many different ways, many people try it to solely lose weight which is actually very unhealthy and will actually make you put all, if not more of the weight back on as soon as you are finished with the cleanse. If you plan on doing the Master Cleanse, or any other detox for that matter, it should be a mental choice to make a complete lifestyle change that needs to occur both mentally and physically.


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