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Heather Marsh’s How to Build Sexy Arms

Excellent workout tips from Fitness Gurls Athlete Heather Marsh

Heather Marsh has one of the most beautiful and inspiring physiques in the fitness industry. She’s a mother, a WBFF Pro Competitor and she shares her secrets on how to get gorgeous and sexy arms this session.

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There are three main ways to build sexy arms during your workout. The first way is with Arnolds. This is where you will use 10-pound dumbbells to hang them by your sides. The dumbbells will be used as curls to the height of your shoulder, turn them out and then lift them over your head in three sets of 15 reps each. You will need to soften up your knees so that you can engage your core. With controlled movement, you will bring them back down to the position that you started in. These types of curls will engage your triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

The second way to build sexy arms in your fitness workout program is the bent over reverse-fly. This move is going to engage your muscles at the back of your shoulders that are known as rear delts. You will bend your knees a little bit and move the dumbbells outward like you are flying. This will allow you to form a straight line across your shoulders. You will need to make sure that your palms are not facing with each but towards your body and then bring the dumbbells down. You will need to do between 8 to 10 reps.

“Focus on the weight you lift, not the weight you lose”

– Heather Marsh

The third way to build sexy arms in your fitness program is the field goal post. You will bring up your elbows just below the height of the shoulder. Then you can open your arms in the position of a field goal so that they stretch. This will help to activate your shoulder blades. You will drop your forearms down so that they can be parallel to the ground and then lift them to back into the position of the field goal. This will allow you to close them in the front of your face. You can repeat this action 10 times so that your care will be engaged in order to keep your elbows up.

Heather Marsh’s Curl Workout

Weighted Bicep Circuit: 3x
Concentration Curls 15 (each arm)
Barbell Reverse Curls 15
Dumbbell Zottman Curls 15
Dumbbell Alternating Hammer Curls 15 (each arm)
Dumbbell Alternating Cross Body Hammer Curls 15 (each arm)

This is my favorite go to arm workout when I’m short on time. I chose a moderate weight, not too light and not too heavy but just enough so that I can still maintain slow controlled motions and still get a good stretch and burn in my bicep muscles. Don’t forget it’s always good to get a good whey protein shake within 30 mins of finishing your workout so you can feed those muscles.

More about Heather Marsh:
Heather is a WBFF Fitness Model Pro, Personal Trainer, and Online Coach.
Follow her on IG: @heathermarsh_fitness



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