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Goji Berries, Delicious and Healthy Natural Superfoods

Goji berries, otherwise known to science as “Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense” come from China which has been a trusted source of herbal medicine for centuries. Known also as the “wolfberry”, they resemble a small Rosa tomato. These bright red little berries are extremely versatile and their taste can really liven up your diet in a very healthy way. These tangy little treats are naturally sweet and nearly dried before shipping out of Asia to end up in U.S. health food and regular grocery stores. Their popularity grows by the day as more people realize how good they feel after adding them to their diet.

Rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and iron there is still more to the Goji than their physical profile. People with Alzheimer’s disease benefit from ingesting them and research confirms that they also have positive neuroprotective effects in the animals they were fed to. Being full of antioxidants they can’t help but be a plus for the prevention of many diseases. There’s still a lot to learn about the Goji but signs are promising they may also lower the risk of heart disease and cancer as well as help to boost immune systems in the elderly.

They can be eaten either raw or added to any dish berries do well in such as smoothies, tea, muffins, juice, trail mix or cereal. Extracts are available but the texture of the Goji is just as appealing as the taste so many prefer to add them as they are to their favorite berry recipes. Of course adding anything to your diet should always be cleared with a physician first to be sure it will not interfere with any medication you are taking.