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5 Pushup Tips You Don’t Know You Need

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Pushups are the most basic exercise in any workout session, it’s something almost everyone is aware of, and experienced professionals know its importance too. So to ensure that you are doing pushups right for better results, here are a few tips that you need to follow because your reasons to do them is completely different now and you surely don’t want to compromise on it. Right?

1. Use a Firm Floor

A slippery or dewy floor is surely not the one where you can even think of doing pushups, like do you really want to hurt your ribs or chin or knee caps if you slip during a pushup? So make sure that your floor is a solid and firm surface so that your grip is perfect and don’t forget the quality and posture of your pushup greatly depends on your grip. 

2. Pushing Trick

While doing that pushup don’t think that you are pushing yourself away from the surface instead use a different approach that will use up a lot more muscle and create full-body tension and will result in a full-body exercise; use the approach of thinking that you are pushing the ground away from yourself. This approach will make you put in more effort and energy and thus will yield better results. Plus don’t forget everything is connected to your brain like your energy your effort and your strength so think a little different and trust me you will see better results. 

3. Focus On Your Core

Bracing the core is very very important! Next time you go to gym take a look around the people doing pushups, I’m pretty sure you will come across many people whose posture won’t be correct and your trainer would continuously be yelling at them to brace their core. Now, what does bracing the core actually mean? Bracing the core basically means tightening the pelvic floor, back, and abdominal muscles so that tight and stiff support is built for your spine.  This bracing helps to protect your back and creates the right posture for your pushup. 

4. Squeeze The Team Of Three Players – Your Glutes

Just in case you hated biology like me, let me tell you that these glutes are the biggest muscle that is present in your buttocks. There are 3 parts that together make up glutes which are maximus, medius and minimus. All of them help in the butt movement. It’s important to squeeze this team while doing a pushup in order to create the right posture and safeguard your lower back.

5. Align Your Elbows With Your Shoulders 

Lastly, make sure your hands and elbow are aligned with your shoulders like it shouldn’t be the case that your hands are spread so wide that it’s not in line with your shoulders. Keep in mind that your elbows should act as two parallel lines packed in towards your sides. If you don’t focus on this then get ready for shoulder and rotator cuff issues.



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