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3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back

Do you suffer from lower back pain periodically? Are you not able to lift heavyweight? If yes, there are chances that you might be suffering from a lack of core strength.

Core strength is not just important for athletes but for normal people as well. With the help of proper core strength, you will be able to avoid injuries more easily. Moreover, it will become easier for you to protect your back as well. You do not have to do anything specific in order to improve your core strength. We will today share with you some simple exercises which you can repeat in order to strengthen your lower back.

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1 Back extension:
In order to complete this exercise, you will just need a ball. The procedure is as follows:

• You have to lie face down on the ball. You have to cross your arms on the upper chest region.

• You have to straighten your hands behind in order to touch the ground. Thereafter, you have to raise your chest in order to reach the upright position.

You have to repeat this exercise 10 times in a set and you have to do at least 2 sets daily. The exercise is pretty simple to do and uses your own body weight in order to strengthen your lower back.

2 Squad Superman:
The procedure to do this exercise is pretty simple. It is as follows:

• You have to 1st get down on all your fours. Your knees, as well as your palms, should be touching the ground.

• You have to slowly raise your hand on one side to shoulder height and your leg on another side to the same height. After holding it for a few seconds, you have to bring it down and do the same with the other alternative pair.

3 Y extension:
This exercise is similar to the 1st one which we described above. The procedure is as follows:

• You have to lie down on the ball with your face downwards. Thereafter, you have to stretch your legs and try to lift your chest.

• When you’re in the upright position, you had to extend your hands in order to create the Y formation. Thereafter, you have to rest back down on the ball and repeat this exercise.


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