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What’s New With Hope Beel Fitness Gurls Athlete

Hi Hope Beel, you recently announced your Hope Beel Challenge, what is that all about?
It’s a 30 day challenge where I supply my participants with 30 days of workouts with video reference, meal plan guidance, snack ideas, meal prep ideas, and weekly checkins. Every 30 days there are 3 winners who win goody bags.


We have our Fitness Gurls Swimsuit issue coming out soon and one of our cover girls… how excited are you to have it hit stands?
I’m so excited about this! I can’t explain how honored I am to be chosen as a cover girl! It’s so amazing to go actually buy a magazine off the new stands when you’re on the cover. Seriously, a dream come true!


I heard you will be doing more stuff with the Texas Motor Speedway, tell us about it?
Yes, so excited to be a Texas Motor Speedway for another year! It’s so much fun, I’m a brand ambassador for the Speedway. Getting to be so close to the action and getting to meet the fans is so exciting. If you haven’t seen my commercial be sure to pay attention when the races come around.

What’s next for Hope Beel?
I’m Continuing to build my brand, I’m hoping to start my YouTube channel soon where you will find special workouts, recipes, and more. Stay tuned.

Model/Athlete: Hope Beel @hopebeel
Photos by Sarah Orbanic @sarahorbanic





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