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What’s New With Claire Rae? Physique of the Year 2015

You have recently announced the winner of the Body Makeover Movement’s Summer Slim Down Challenge.
Yes, that’s right, Keli Park was the winner of the Summer Slim Down Challenge. This was her third challenge and her hard work definitely paid off. She will be coming down to the Olympia with me to do what I normally do down there. Shoot with LGHFX. You can expect to see a lot more of her, including a spread in Fitness Gurls Magazine!


Claire Rae - Dumbell Workout Claire Rae - Costa Rica - BMM Bikini Shoot Claire Rae - Swimsuit Issue

Based off your social media it looks like you have been doing some traveling. What inspired you to hit the road?
A: I always like traveling but recently I felt that getting out and meeting new people and living in different environments would be helpful as I put the new Fit Soul Challenge together. I have also been trying to practice taking pictures with my camera and thought finding new places to do that would keep me motivated. I also wanted to show how to eat on the road through my snapchat for those that are interested on how I do it.

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What’s next for The Body Makeover Movement?
A: All the members were invited to come out to Vegas to shoot with LHGFX and Picture Groove. The winner got her trip paid for but I always like inviting all the members on the trips. I find that when people can connect in real life that there is more to gain from the fitness lifestyle. When you surround yourself with other like minded people your success level goes up. I also love putting together photoshoots to glamorize these hard working individuals. When you see yourself in a good light it’s motivation to keep you going. It’s fun and I love meeting everyone on vacation. I also just launched The Body Makeover Movement’s Fit Soul Challenge. It’s the last challenge of 2015. I especially excited about this challenge because we are giving away a portion of the registration fee to Women’s Outreach. This is social group that helps women dealing with domestic violence. I feel passionate about this and helping in this area. We have heard and seen too many women fall victim of this and I believe my program is the kind that helps women build confidence, strength and a sense of self worth. These are the kind of things women need to protect themselves from this. I’m hoping in some way to bring awareness while teaching people to live healthy and happy.


And what’s next for Claire Rae?
I’m heading to Las Vegas myself with the BMM team and will also be hosting the Fitness Gurls Swimsuit 2015 Release Party (which I’m on the cover), but you knew that. Other than that I have relaunched which has become more of a personal blog with my ongoing ventures. I don’t plan on settling down anytime soon. I’m keeping my schedule open and available at this time and I’m just going with the flow with my camera and computer in my bag. I really feel like this last season has been a great season of growth and I look forward to what the future has in store. The possibilities seem endless.

Model/Athlete: Claire Rae @clairemrae / @bodymakeovermovement
Photos by Dave Laus @dave_laus / Video by Pouyan Fard @pouyanfard





One of the most inspiring groups of women in fitness


One of the most inspiring groups of women in fitness!


One of the most inspiring groups of women in fitness


The most inspiring women in fitness.