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Holly Barker Spotlight Interview

Ever since Holly was a kid, she has always been an overachiever. This carried into her adult life and not only is she a super successful businesswoman, she wants to help others achieve the success she has had! Oh, not to mention she’s super hot while juggling her career and staying on top of her fitness!

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of knowing you yet, please give a little background about yourself such as where you’re from and how you were as a kid growing up?
I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and loved being outdoors while taking part in all sports and being active. I also loved everything that school had to offer from music to student exchange programs. Then in university, I discovered my passion for business as well as fitness which I fell in love with the art of transforming myself.

Your fitness career seemed to catapult when you decided to compete. But in hindsight, was there anything you would do differently?
I’m not sure I would do anything differently. There is no goal I have set that I have regretted. Every dream I’ve wished and goal I have set has brought me to this moment. This moment is sweet and I am more excited than ever to ride the peaks and valleys that are along the way to my continued optimal self. The fitness industry currently seems to have an over saturation of fitness models and trainers.

What advice would you give to someone new or already in the business to set themselves apart?
There is continued opportunity, I believe especially in the fitness field, to continue to promote your lifestyle. What will always add to your success, no matter how saturated your market, is your ability to provide consistent value, to be genuine, to listen to your audience and provide a service they are asking you for. Stay true to your values and what makes you shine and then continue to invest in yourself, learn and teach it forward.

With so many fitness models coming and going throughout the years, who in your opinion has withstood the test of time?
I love Larissa Reis and believe she just gets better. She is an incredible entrepreneur, genuine and incredibly strong and beautiful. I also love Emily Skye! She is beautiful and predictably consistent.

We all know that weight training is a fundamental part of fitness modeling, do you incorporate other types of training methods such as Pilates or boxing in your exercise routine?
I love incorporating amazing hikes!! I live in a trail system and love the ability to head out and hit the trails literally across the street for miles on end. I also love including Spin classes and hot yoga sessions as well as Float therapy and Cryotherapy for optimal mind-body connection and repair.

Do you have any fitness competitions on the agenda or are you taking a break or retired?
The “want” to compete at this time is not a priority of mine, but I won’t say I will never compete again. If it lines up with a goal I set in the future, then I will. But currently, I am focusing on my optimal self and creating opportunities that align with optimal fitness and business as a FitnessPreneur. When you say yes to one thing, you say no to everything else.

You’ve been sponsored by Magnum for quite some time now. What are your favorite products you use from them?
Gosh… I love them all!! Depending on my goals and timing towards them, my stack continually grows with me…but right at this moment, my favorite products are Quattro – the taste and recipes you can make with the different flavors allow me to feel like I’m never missing out or having to say ‘no’ to treats. I also love Hi5 for optimal hydration and energy and Carne Diem and After Burner for effective fat loss without stimulants.

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