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Facetime Series

Nicusia Stunning in our Facetime Series Photoshoot

Glad to have Nicusia in our Facetime Series and back shooting for Fitness Gurls Magazine.

Niki Nicusia Fitness Gurls Facetime Series
Photo by @katejensenphoto for Fitness Gurls

We’re excited to have Nicusia (Niki) back shooting with Fitness Gurls Magazine. This shoot is of our favorite Facetime Series photoshoots. Niki really brought out her fashion sense and really elevated the shoot. We absolutely love Niki’s physique, one of the most beautiful bodies in fitness. This photoshoot again was taken on a phone by photographer Kate Jensen. Here’s our interview with the incredible Nicusia.

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You’ve been featured in Fitness Gurls Magazine before, but this one was a little different.  What’s your favorite thing about your Facetime Photoshoot with Fitness Gurls?

Yes, so honored! Aside from the photographer herself… I love the fact that it was something so different, showing just how creative and adaptable we can be in such odd times. Not going to lie… I was very curious as to how this shoot would go, but Kate was so amazing to work with that by the end it felt almost as if we were shooting in person haha. 

Being in the comfort of my own home and sharing it with a set of fresh eyes was so much fun… I would have to say, this will definitely be amongst my top memorable experiences as a part of the Fitness Gurls family. 

Since being on lockdown has your wine drinking or your book reading gone up higher?

Haha, this is funny. Well… I would say that the first three weeks I’d indulge in a little more vino than usual but I quickly found that my body was not too happy with me lol, and I was straying away from my health and fitness goals. I decided to re-commit to my goals and instill a healthy balance so I’ve decided to keep it to 2-3 glasses a week! And yessss! I’ve been loving having the extra at home time to catch up on my reading and audiobook listening haha.

What’s a book or a tv show you can absolutely recommend since we’re all quarantine away?

My booklist recommendation list could go on forever but honestly anything written by Robert Greene or Dr. Joe Dispenza is amazing, in my opinion! I personally love books that are factual or really make you open your mind to new ideas and possibilities… If that’s what you’re into, I highly recommend checking out their work. In terms of tv shows, I’ve been binge-watching Desperate Housewives, its an older show but so good! A perfect balance of comedy, drama, and mystery.

What’s one thing you will down first when you’re allowed to really go outside?

If by ‘really go outside’ you mean allowed to travel — you can count on seeing me on the first flight out to visit my family back home in Toronto, then… somewhere tropical haha.



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