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Facetime Series

Jaclyn Crowe Facetime Photoshoot

One of the most beautiful women in fitness, our Quarantine Facetime Series Shoot with Jaclyn Crowe

Jaclyn Crowe Facetime Fitness Gurls
Photo by @katejensenphoto for Fitness Gurls

Our Facetime Series is back with our newest Fitness Gurls Athlete, Jaclyn Crowe. She’s a mom, a business owner, and one of the best models on our Fitness Gurls roster… and somehow she still has time to go to the gym to keep one of the most beautiful physiques in fitness looking great year-round. This photoshoot as taken on a phone by photographer Kate Jensen and it’s pretty hot. Here’s our interview with Jaclyn Crowe.

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You’re one of our newest Fitness Gurls Athletes. We’re so happy you’re part of the Fitness Gurls family.  What’s your favorite thing about your Facetime Photoshoot with Fitness Gurls?

I am so grateful to be apart of Fitness Gurls family, I love that Fitness Gurls is empowering women to be active and strong with a side of sexy!!  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be part of a FaceTime photoshoot with Kate Jensen Photography, and although I was nervous, Kate made the whole experience comfortable and fun!   She took the time to discuss how the process works, and help me pick out some outfits, and gave me direction on where to set up. It was a great way to do something fun while being in lockdown, I look forward to working with her in the future once lockdown is lifted!! 

Since being on lockdown has your wine drinking or your book reading gone up higher?

The lockdown has made time for more reading, and wine drinking and the two actually pair quite well together.  I dug out an old book I had titled  “Erotic Confessions” by Barbara Cardy, I think the name gives it away, but it’s a book of intimate admissions by real women and men, this book paired with wine is quite entertaining!  

What’s a book or a TV show you can absolutely recommend since we’re all quarantine away?

I didn’t watch a lot of TV prior to this quarantine, but since… I have taken an interest in the Netflix show ” Dead to me ” as well as “Ozark” and a few others!  A book I recommend everyone to read is ” Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life “.

What’s one thing you will do first when you’re allowed to go outside?

Hmmmmm… there are so many things I am looking forward to doing, but definitely one of the first things would be going to a patio with friends for drinks and food.  I am missing my girl time!!  I am also looking forward to being able to travel again. 



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