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Abi Christie: Gym Crush

What’s in your gym bag? What are you go-to items you always take with you to the gym?
I don’t leave home for the gym without my gloves, BCAA’s, iPod, and towel. I have no indentation on working out and not getting a good sweat on. My iPod and towel are essential!


What’s a workout routine that has worked best for you?
My go to routine for a total body workout is ALWAYS bleachers. I can hit most every muscle group and I am dripping sweat by the time I am done! I do each exercise 4X with minimal rest.

Start with a 5 min jog to warm up.
Hit the bleachers running straight up and down 4 times with a 30 second break.
Frog jumps up the bleachers.
Pushups – perform 10 pushups with your hands on the first step. Walk your hands up to the second step and do 10 more pushups. Continue performing 10 pushups on each step.
Dips – perform 10 dips by placing your hands on the seat by your hips. Support your weight with your arms straight and bend your elbows to lower your hips. Return to starting position and repeat.
Single Leg Lunge – step forward with your right foot on the edge of the first step. Bend your knee and lower your weight to the step. Be sure to keep your weight over your heel and do not allow your knee to go past your toe.
— Standing calf raise up the bleacher steps
Planks – Be sure to keep your body straight from head to heel and keep your back flat.


What does your normal diet consist of?
Meal 1 – I start my morning with coffee, 3 whole eggs, oatmeal, and a tablespoon of peanut butter.
Meal 2 – Egg whites and spinach.
Meal 3 – Chicken breast, brown rice, and asparagus.
Meal 4 – Chicken breast and quinoa or a Shake if I am running short on time.
Meal 5 – White fish and sweet potato.
Meal 6 – Egg whites and avocado or a shake.


What’s one of the biggest things you’ve accomplish your life as a fitness personality?
I have totally changed my body by educating myself and learning how to nourish my body and build muscle. In turn, I have been able to help and train others to do the same.


How do you stay motivated in your career?
By surrounding myself with likeminded people. I love to hear about other people’s fitness goals, their training, diets, what they feel works for them, etc… To me that is so motivating! It inspires me to push harder in the gym and stay on top of my own personal fitness goals.


If you can do one thing in the fitness industry what would it be?
To inspire other women to be happy and healthy with their bodies. As women we are so hard on ourselves! I want other women to know the importance of treating their bodies right, nourishing their bodies, and to STOP comparing themselves to other gorgeous women! We are not intended to be perfect, but I believe we are all beautiful in our own unique way.


What’s next for you?
Right now I am focusing on building and adding muscle, so that next year I can bring my best physique yet to the stage.

Abi Christine / IG @abi_christine
Photos by Picture Groove / IG @picturegroove






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