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5 Great Early Fall Destinations

Great places to travel in Fall.

Photo by Shunga Shanga

Would you like to go on vacation again before the long winter sets in? Nothing easier than that! We’ll provide you with some inspiration and reveal five destinations for a vacation in September.

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Why vacation in September is so wonderful

If you prefer to be alone on vacation and want to avoid the crowds, you should use the off-season. Because in the months that greet and say goodbye to the summer season, the prices for accommodation and travel are cheaper and there is less going on in typical travel destinations.

On otherwise overcrowded beaches, you can relax and unwind, and in usually bustling cities, it is quieter. We present five travel destinations where a vacation in September is particularly worthwhile.

France: Off to Alsace

Alsace is famous for its crispy “Flammekueche.” In every restaurant, you will find the delicious specialty on the menu – in numerous variations.

But the region in north-eastern France has much more to offer than excellent cuisine. An idyllic natural landscape, romantic towns like Strasbourg or Colmar, and historical art treasures make Alsace a great holiday destination.

Especially in September, when the leaves of the vines turn red and the days are still sunny enough for a hike and picnic in the vineyards, the best time to enjoy the magical Alsace begins.

Jordan: Travel to the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Jordan is an amazingly peaceful country, although it has some troubled neighbors – Syria and the Palestinian West Bank, for example. Yet Jordan maintains its reputation as one of the safest and most tolerant countries in the Middle East.

The most important attraction in the country is the mythical rock city of Petra in the Jordanian desert. Unique cultural monuments like this one and enchanting natural landscapes like the famous Unesco world natural heritage site Wadi Rum with its bizarre rock arches and deep gorges make the small country a perfect travel destination for travelers.

Between mid-September and mid-November is an ideal travel time to visit Jordan. Then autumn prevails, and the temperatures cool down. During the day, it is around 28 degrees, and there are almost no rainy days.

Germany: To Viehscheid in the Allgäu

It is a real piece of Allgäu tradition and the highlight of the year for many alpine farmers: every year in September, the cows and cattle move from the alpine meadows back into the valley after the summer months – and that is an impressive spectacle.

To celebrate the end of the alpine season, the dairymen decorate their animals with magnificent bells and unusual arrangements of mountain flowers and fir branches. Down in the villages, visitors and alpine farmers await the herds, where after arrival, there is a celebration with a beer tent and music.

Whether at large events like in Obermaiselstein and Gunzesried-Ofterschwang or smaller celebrations like in Bolsterlang and Balderschwang: a cattle shed in the Hörnerdörfern is an impressive experience!

Mauritius: Vacation on the dream island

White sandy beaches under palm trees, a species-rich underwater world, and the rainforests’ breathtaking nature make the small island state in the southwest of the Indian Ocean a real dream travel destination for sun worshipers. Mauritius lies like a green jewel in the ocean and embodies for many the symbol of paradise.

Picturesque bays and villages with colorful houses in colonial style, extinct volcanic landscapes, and dense tropical forests in between pineapple plantations and fields of sugar cane characterize the island’s varied landscape. So not only beach holidaymakers get their money’s worth, but there is also a lot to discover for active people.

Mauritius can be described as a year-round destination, there is always a tropical climate, and even in the winter months, the daytime temperatures are around 26 ° C.

Belgium: Ardennes

Hiking through the deep forests of the Belgian Ardennes is a real experience. The wonderful hiking trails in southeast Belgium are still a little insider tip – they are not overcrowded even in the main season. And especially in autumn, the oaks and beeches’ red-brown leaves give the landscape its very special charm.

Impressive mountain slopes, deep valleys, dense forests, and wild rivers shape the region, making it a perfect refuge for nature lovers and active vacationers. You can choose between 13 varied tours on a 1,300-kilometer network of routes.

In early autumn, the climate in the Ardennes is pleasantly mild and not too hot. Then it is the best time to explore the mountain landscape on foot or by mountain bike.



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