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Do you Selfie? By Holly Barker

Hi, my name is Holly Barker and I’m the FitnessPreneur from and I’m excited to share with you my tips on how to step up your selfie game!!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years and have not had contact with the outside world, you probably know what a selfie is, you’ve probably attempted to take one and you’ve probably wondered what the secret to mastering the flawless skin, the sultry pout and the beautiful glow is….you try, try again and, well, lets just say you’ve given up and put yourself in this category of well I guess I’m just not as naturally beautiful as that girl is!

Wake up call!! You are beautiful and you are capable of an amazing selfie!!! Its just a few easy tips away:

  • Lighting is everything
    Lighting is the foundation to any great photo, selfie or not. And natural light is best! Do you ever wonder why so many selfies are taken in a car… specifically the drivers seat? Its essentially the selfie lovers best window box, allowing a natural glow and blowing out skin imperfections…the posing is limited though and, well, there are only so many car selfies you can take before the posts become redundant. To get that glow and perfect selfie lighting sans driver seat, stand in front of a window and face the light….always face the light…and test the light by looking at yourself in your cameras selfie mode and circling around until the light is hitting you in just the right spot. If you do not have access to natural light, try creating the best light by finding a lamp or lighting that is close to nose height and snap away. Top down will create a harsh shadow so unless you are looking for that look, try to bring your height in line with the light. Yellow bulbs are not my favorite, a bright clean light will show your beautiful self the best.


  • Position and angle
    Whatever the reason for the selfie, the positioning and angle will change, but lets say you are selfieing for the sake of, oh hey! This is me at my best! The best positioning and angle will be a bit of a tilt to your heads, shoulders, chin down and the camera at an elevated angle. Try to avoid straight on images unless it’s theatrical or edgy, but for a fun friendly hey there! Keep it off center and explore your tilts to see which side and angle flatter you best.
  • Filter
    I agree with the theory that over filtering can take away from the photo, but editing the photo is a given these days. If you have captured amazing light and your perfect angle, you will not have to edit at all, but fun filters or edits to bring out different tones, features and contrasts is at our disposal and can take a normal selfie to an epic selfie portrait.
  • Background
    Make sure the background is appropriate and in line with the vibe and message you are sharing. You don’t want to share a selfie about health and wellness and have a big cupboard of chips behind you… Whatever the selfie is for, make it interesting. Although some may view selfies as narcissistic, it really does only become that way if you continually post without contributing. Share you story. Take us with you and let us know who you are and what interesting adventures life has for you!!! That’s the ultimate point of a selfie right? Proof that you were present during this epic adventure or to share your thoughts on whatever you are facing that day, at that moment.
  • Emote, Express yourself, Have fun
    Share all of your sides!! We all have many different expressions and personalities and sharing who you are is ultimately in your expression. Change it up and experiment with new makeup, glasses, sunglasses, a new lip color, a new hairdo and share your review. Most important, don’t take yourself too seriously… its just a photo and you will take 50 more tomorrow.
  • Include others, include groups
    Don’t just be a solo selfier, include your friends and family and share the experiences you are having with others.Nothing brings out the playfulness in someone and yourself more than being included and taking a great photo together.
  • Include products, promote what you use
    If your followers are tuning in for your words of guidance, your beautiful selfies, your amazing adventures, they will naturally want to know what products you use in all aspects of your amazing life. Nothing brings an inanimate object to life better than a smiley beautiful selfie captured along side it!! Shout the company out while you are at it!You will be noticed and respected and will reach a new audience to share your passions with!
  • Practice
    Practicing in the mirror is different from practicing with selfies!! You may see yourself in the mirror and think oh that is a great look and then you capture that same great look in a selfie and it looks totally different. Serious, to smolder, to sexy, to fun, to cute, to happy, to over the moon excited. Know your face, know your message and know the audience. Learn to smize. Smile with your eyes. Sometimes we get so caught up in looking sexy or strong, our faces end up looking angry or old….Yikes!!! When mastered, the power of a strong face and a smize is undeniably Selfie girl material.
  • Serious about selfies product, app and reference guide
    >> Lumee Camera Case – this phone case has a built in light for selfies. Pretty cool!
    >> Selfie stick – this allows you to angle up or further out, including more in your selfie and allows you to click a button on the stick to snap away!
    >> VSCO and Snapseed are amazing apps to bring your selfie up to a professional selfie level.
    >> FlipBelt or Z-Case makes adventuring with your phone possible hands free
    >> Coco Rocha has been famed for limitless expressions. Research her, google her, watch her videos and you will add at least 10 new selfie expressions to your arsenal!!

There you have it! The quick and dirty on selfie perfection! Now that you have the tools, what will you use your selfie for?

For more from Holly Barker
IG @hollsbarksfitness
Photo by: IG @HarryLhgfx




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