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Kelsey Byers Interview

Kelsey Byers - NPC Bikini Model

Kelsey Byers (NPC Bikini Competitor/Fitness Model) Interview

Q:: How did you get started in fitness industry?
Kelsey Byers: I hired my nutritionist, Kim Porterfield, in March 2010. After only four months of clean eating, I was down to 15% body fat. At that point I decided to enter my first NPC bikini competition. I entered the NPC Texas State in Stafford, Texas in October 2010 and won 3rd place in my height class, qualifying for nationals. I knew I had found my passion- fitness and nutrition!

Q:: You model and compete, which do you like better?
KB: I love fitness modeling. I like to stay lean year round, so the modeling side provides the motivation to keep me focused. Competing is fun and the transformation is amazing, but modeling has always been my dream.

Q:: What do you do on your spare time when you’re not training or modeling?
KB: I love to hang out with my husband- he is my best friend. We don’t have to be doing much to have a good time. We just entertain ourselves. We love hanging out with family and friends…..watching movies and fishing!

Kelsey Byers - Bikini Model - Interview

Q:: Who inspires you?
KB: Jamie Eason was my original inspiration for weight training. Her physique is gorgeous and now that I’ve met her, she inspires me to help others along their journey, as she has helped me. She referred me to my nutritionist, which was a major turning point in my life and the results I have achieved so far. She is beautiful inside as well as outside, which makes her a great role model. She has inspired many people and I am just thankful for her advice with my career.

Q:: What the secret to staying in such great shape?
KB: Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! I have always worked out, but nothing has given me results like that of a clean meal plan. As far as exercise, staying consistent is most important. Train all of your body parts every week for a balanced physique.

Q:: Which body part do you get the most compliments for?
KB: I have often been asked about my abs, which get really lean as long as I eat clean meals. I work my abs out once a week! Flat abs are made in the kitchen!

Q:: What’s your favorite body part to train?
KB: I love training legs and glutes. They are my most stubborn body parts, so seeing results makes me feel very accomplished and pushes me harder.

Q:: Are you planning on competing this later year? Where will you be next?
KB: I will be competing at the NPC Texas State in October 2011 in Stafford, Tx in the bikini division. My best friend, Diane Forshee, has committed to her first show, so it will be fun to prepare together!

Q:: How far out do you start your training for the show?
KB: 12 weeks usually. Although, I’m currently 14 weeks out right now! I may just start today!

Q:: What would you do if you weren’t a fitness personality and competitor?
KB: Well, I currently work full time as a Logistics company spokesperson and marketing director. I also am a part time graduate student. So, I stay busy all week between work, school and fitness!

Q:: What is your favorite song?
KB: “Brown Eyed Girl”

Q:: What are 3 things you cannot live without?
KB: Egg whites, my ipod and cell phone

Q:: What’s next for Kelsey Byers?
KB: I will continue working my hardest and let God direct my path. I want to continue working on my portfolio and my goal is to ultimately work in the fitness/nutrition industry full time.

Q:: Where can they find you online?
On Facebook: Fitness Model Kelsey Byers.
Website coming soon!




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At A Glance

Birthdate: March 15th

Height: 5’10”

Competing Weight: 134 lbs.

Off Season Weight: 140 lbs.

Hometown: Normangee, TX

Lives Now: Houston, TX

Favorite Exercise:

Squats and Lunges





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