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Katrina Bowden – Interview & Spotlight

Q&A with the beautiful actress and fitness influencer

What brought you into the fitness world?
I’ve always been athletic growing up. I like being healthy and going to the gym. Group fitness classes have a great environment and gave me an addiction to fitness.

Did you play sports as a child or in school?
I did. I played soccer and basketball as a child. I always loved playing basketball because it’s competitive. I think that’s why I love fitness so much and it’s competitive side.


Your twitter page states you are a Master at Karate. Can you elaborate on that?
I love taking boxing and muay thai karate classes. They’re high energy and so much fun!

Are you a CrossFit fan?
Yes, I did Crossfit for about a year but I like to try different things and change up my workouts. Like, after I did Crossfit for a while, I started training for a marathon.

What does your current workout consist of?
I love spinning, Pilates, and a treadmill style boot camp. I do a lot of running as well, especially when I’m on set.

Do you find it hard to maintain your workouts?
What keeps you motivated and positive during those hard times? Working out makes me feel better and helps me get out my frustrations. I get through my day easier. I know a lot of people find working out to be a chore but I work out with friends a lot to stay motivated and work out even when I don’t want to.


When you want something sweet or a cheat meal, what do you grab?
I love to eat! I crave salty food and carbs. I try to make what I’m craving at home so I can make it healthier and I can watch my portions. I’ll make sweet potatoes fries instead of going to get fries.

Where is the best place to eat fries?
New York. I think New York is all about flavor. They make really great fries. I like French fries at French restaurants. They are really salty and I love shoestrings! California is different because it is healthier and I tend to find more salads in LA.

Your background on Twitter has you eating candy as a warning to sugar addiction. What is your advice? I try to just get sugar from fruit and try not to have too much sugar in juice or smoothies. I try to keep it low and natural but it’s not easy to cut it out completely. Your body needs some sugar. Have it early in the day so your body has time to burn it off.

Are you a fan of juicing?
I like juice and if you can control what goes into it, that’s even better. Some juices have a lot of sugar in them. I think that sugar is the devil especially when it comes to health. Juice can be a snack or meal replacement depending on the calories. I like the Green juice best.

Where did you get a passion for acting at such a young age?
I really fell in love with it when I started taking classes at 15. I started on 30 rock when I was 17 and that was great for my career. It kind of snowballed from there.

What is your advice for women trying to achieve their goals and finding it hard to achieve them?
I would think in everything, it takes work and doesn’t happen overnight. It’s going to be hard and there will be road blocks but if you take your time and work hard it will happen. Just don’t give up.

What’s next for you?
I have a movie coming out May 20th called “Hard Sell”. It’s a really funny and sweet Indy movie directed by Sean Nalaboff. Of course, my blog just launched a few months ago so I’ve been working on that. I’m working on shooting at different studios and preparing to launch new workouts and content.

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Photos by: Nathan Johnson / IG: @nathanjohnsonny




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