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How to Turn a Good Girl Bad

Much of what our modern world deems appropriate has been embedded since conception. Boundaries have been set, and double standards have been established. So, you ask, how do you, a sex driven male break down the dichotomy of a male’s carnal needs versus a female’s sexual idealism? How do you convert the so-called conservative girl into your ultimate sex-crazed vixen?

Typically the ‘good girl’ is the one who is hesitant to let her hair down and enjoy sex; but she’s also the same one who makes you want to do all the things you were told you weren’t supposed to. A lot of what a girl’s wildest dreams are based upon is being bad. That’s right… downright dirty. However, it tends to be a challenge for the good girl to succumb to her carnal desires and let loose. As a recent convert, I will let you in on a couple of secrets of how to get the timid girl to beg for more…

Make her feel sexy, not just cute.

Boosting her confidence is the first step to getting her to strip off her clothes, throw you on the bed and pin your hands above your head… All those perceived imperfections of hers need to be erased from her mind. Rather than telling her how cute it is when she snorts when she laughs, tell her how turned on you get by the wiggle in her walk when she wears a certain pair of jeans. Alluding to a sexual trait while complimenting her will make her feel sexually desirable – rather than just another pretty face. Women act the way others perceive them and you need to bring the animalistic bombshell out. Next time she wears that pair of jeans, I guarantee she’ll wiggle a little bit more than normal.

Allow her to take the initiative.

You’re fooling around, things are getting hot and heavy and you cannot wait one more second to get down and dirty so you rip her clothes off, right? STOP! This is giving her the easy way out. It’s putting you in the driver’s seat and giving her permission to lie back and stare at the ceiling. Boring! This is not what we want. A bad girl is the one who strips off her own clothes and takes you for a ride at her own avail. What does this mean for you? Get her so revved up that she won’t be able to hold back any longer – where she won’t have the choice but to tear her own clothes off (and yours too) and put your hands exactly where she wants them. That’s right – grace the money spot momentarily, brush gently across her breast…but never give her exactly what she wants. Make her beg for it and take it into her own hands.

Slow Down!

News Flash: A girl will never cum as fast as you do. Don’t be a two-pump-chump. Just because she says ‘You go ahead, it’s not going to happen for me tonight. It’s ok.’ It’s actually not ok. It’s important to let the sexual experience last long enough to get her going AND to finish her off. This will ensure a mind-blowing experience, which will subsequently keep her coming back for more. Don’t rush her and her wild side will be unleashed. If you feel yourself approaching the point of no return, try switching positions, slowing the tempo down – or stopping and concentrating on her with some oral gratification. A girl is more likely to be a repeat offender if you take the time to satisfy her, not just herself.

Take control with gentle insistence.

If she’s still struggling with letting go, it’s because she needs permission; she needs you to demand that she comes. The way to do this without being intimidating is to whisper in her ear. Tell her where you’re going and what you’re doing and that you’re going to keep doing it no matter how long it takes. Good girls don’t like being selfish, and may feel shy about taking too long. They know how sore their arm gets while yanking your chain – so they don’t want to force this discomfort on you. But let her know how much it turns you on to pleasure her – and before you know it, she’ll be begging for more. If you’re lucky, she’ll get so into unleashing her wild side that you won’t have to move a finger and she’ll do all the work herself.

Sex Toys – Friend of Foe?

This is a very touchy subject when talking about turning a good girl bad… but try bringing a sex toy into play – like a small vibrator. Including a device that you will also enjoy will show her it’s ok to find pleasure in it. You need to assure her of your good intentions – you’re not just bringing in the sex toy to reenact your favorite porno flick, you’re including it to induce pleasure giving and receiving. (for now!) Something small like this will give her a taste of rebellion while still feeling like a lady.

What you think is the quintessential woman, who possesses sophistication but ignores inhibitions is not as unattainable as you once believed. All women are waiting for the opportunity to let go and take control of their sexuality. But be warned, once you’ve allowed her to see the light, there’s no turning back..