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Brotein Energy Bars – Product of the Week

Brotein Energy Bars

About The Product

Brotein Energy Bars are healthy fun protein bars for individuals with active lifestyles. Brotein Energy Bar cater to people who enjoy activities such as surfing, skateboard, recreational sports, dancing extreme sports and more.

Brotein is a company that represents fun with a mixture of healthy awareness through proper meal replacement bars and supplements. The problem with the majority of meal replacement bars in the market today is that they have the same nutritional value and ingredients as candy bars. The imbalance of high sugar amounts with low proteins cause a surge of insulin to the bloodstream also know as “sugar high”. This is followed by lethargic feeling of inactivity after the insulin spike/sugar rush has passed. Also, there is much scientific research cited that this phenomenon is a major cause of diabetes.

Brotein Energy Bars are the ideal “picker uppers” after hours of running, doing cross fit or whatever you’re in to. Check out Brotein Energy Bars at your local store at