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Finding Time to Workout

With work, errands, and children, finding time to stay active may be very difficult. We’ve all experienced a heavy workload, including myself. Here are 6 tips that can make it easier to find that time to stay active and fit.

1. Make it a necessity.
Make it a necessity. When the other activities of the day come in and make you pick or choose, always tell yourself you must workout. Commitment is always the #1 success story of athletes in the industry. Even if your goals aren’t quite that high, to have results and keep off the flab, you have to make a mental note that your day is not complete unless you had physical activity.

2. Waking up earlier.
Waking up earlier. Finishing your workout early in the morning before work is a great way to start your day. Not only are you done with the workout, but it also kick starts your metabolism for the day to burn calories while you aren’t able to get physical activity.

3. Staying up later.
This may not be for everyone, but some people work afternoon to late night. Some gyms stay open 24 hours, and is a wonderful time to get in a fantastic lift with no wait on equipment. Studies show that individuals are less likely to injure themselves workout out at night versus the morning because their body has been warmed up throughout the day. I personally am a night lifter, and have found better personal records at night for maxing out than the day.

4. Routines
Routines. Getting into the habit of having your day planned out ahead of time. Preparing your meals the previous night, packing your gym bag, and your shaker cups full ensures no time is wasted the next day to get ready. Getting into the habit of doing this day after day becomes natural and when something comes up, the person knows. Not to say keeping a routine for a long period of time is good, change it up every once in a while. But when done frequently, more excuses seem to fill the void.

5. Cut the TV time.
Cut the TV time. Studies show that on average a person will watch 5 hours of TV per day. Let’s take a realistic scenario. 1 hour of your day to workout is usually more. The person will need time to get ready, drive or run there, workout, then come back. I personally like to consider it a 2-hour sacrifice realistically. TV is TV, it isn’t going anywhere, especially with DVR’s and Netflix, it’s always going to be there. Sometimes the gym isn’t open after a certain time, and that time spent watching commercials can be used there—or simply just given up. With newer technology, TV can be watched while working out at some gyms, so what’s better than knocking out two birds with one stone?

6. Date at the gym.
Date at the gym. There’s nothing that builds self-esteem more than being in shape—so why not find time for it—with someone else? Taking someone to the gym to workout not only boosts confidence, but also gives both you and your partner self-satisfaction in seeing the other taking the time to stay sexy for them.



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