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Interview with Savannah Lynx, one of the most beautiful women in the world. We talk about her incredible and ambitious career and how she stays in such sensational shape all year round.

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We’re always committed to highlighting and celebrating strength, class, and beauty. That’s why we’re excited to bring you a peek into the life of professional singer and fitness model Savannah Lynx as we sit down with her for an exclusive new interview for Fitness Gurls Magazine.

Savannah Lynx is one of the top Fitness Gurls Athletes on our roster, she’s a dual-threat with her incredible vocal talents and she’s one of the most beautiful models in the industry. Whether it’s working to sculpt that incredible and inspiring Savannah Lynx body, or prepping for any curveballs thrown her way, Lynx is determined to take on any challenge headed her way. It’s safe to say she’s becoming one of the biggest names in not just fitness but on the music scene as well.

What persuaded you to enter the fitness industry? When did you discover your passion for fitness?

I was a disaster mentally and physically and desperately needed to take back control of my life. I dropped out of college when I was 21 and was eating horribly, not sleeping well, and drinking way more than the doctor recommended. I ran away to LA and wanted to change my life so I started running outdoors. I fell in love with it and started competing in fitness/bikini competitions shortly after because I needed some moolah and figured why the hell not? Even though I’m not competing anymore, I always stay competition-ready.

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"Remember that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it."






Managing busy schedules and multi-tasking is a huge prerequisite for someone in your line of work. What steps do you take to stay on top of things efficiently?


I’m a super-organized person so writing everything down immediately is key. I say immediately because if I don’t then I forget what it is I was supposed to write down which defeats the whole purpose lol. I have tried (and failed) at the whole Google calendar thing, so I take my planner and pen with me everywhere I go. Being the control freak that I am in an industry where most things are left to the last minute, I like to keep whatever I can regimented. I wake up at 5 am and go to the gym around 6:30-7, but I use that morning time to journal, make some coffee, set intentions, clean the apartment, and organize my day. When I start the day off right, I’m putting myself at an advantage because I’m mentally clear and know exactly what it is I have to do- even if things get moved around.


Aside from modeling and maintaining your physique, you’re also a singer and performer. What is your favorite thing about being on stage?


My favorite part of being on stage is singing. I genuinely love to sing. Truly. COVID sucked for everyone and brought a lot of new challenges to everyday life. One of the challenges I faced was staying positive while singing even when there were only a handful of people in the audience. I didn’t like that my mood was dependent on forces outside of my control, so I practiced strategies that helped me regain my power, essentially making it difficult for any external situation to steal my joy. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 or 200 people in an audience. Why should I be anything less than my best? COVID taught me that I should do things for the love of doing them, and not because of the possibility of fame, applause, approval, or recognition. At my core, singing just makes me happy, and it’s a blessing to have a passion like that fulfilled.

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What would your advice be to someone struggling with consistency in the gym?


Join the club lol. I struggle with consistency in most areas of my life, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Remember that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. If you find yourself making promises to yourself and not following through (ie not going to the gym when you said you would, not eating healthily), all that means is that you’re not being a good self-boss. Practice self-discipline, remind yourself of your goals AT ALL TIMES, stop being such a baby, and just do the hard things because they’re the right things. The funny thing is that once you get the ball rolling you’ll end up enjoying the process. Going to the gym daily is a no-brainer for me now and that definitely wasn’t the case 6 years ago. Practice good habits and they’ll become second nature over time.


During COVID-19 people have had to substitute exercising at home since the gyms have been closed. For those unable to go back to the gym, what are some quick workouts you could recommend?


Not only were gyms closed during COVID, but life, in general, was stopped. 

We worked from home, ate at home, and the government literally put out a campaign telling us to “stay at home.” So we did. Not only were we unable to go to the gym, but we literally couldn’t even move around. Let this be a friendly reminder that channel surfing and binge eating are not sports (unless its competitive eating I guess then it’s ok). Being active throughout the day is an easy way to clock in some steps and stay “socially distanced” from your refrigerator which is always a good thing. But for a decent sweat, my go-to at-home workout has always been super basic and unexciting just like me: push-ups, crunches, burpees, and mountain climbers followed by a good stretch. It might give you elementary school gym class PTSD but 30-45 minutes is all ya need.


Do you ever get nervous before a show?


Every single time. BUT, there’s a huge difference between being nervous because you’re excited and a little scared (live entertainment doesn’t allow much room for error), and being nervous because you’re unprepared. I practice my ass off before any show so that I can relax, enjoy myself, and do my thing without fear. People can see fear and who the hell wants to party when the singer is obviously uncomfortable?!

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Looking fine AF 24/7 is my motivation in all things… jk (but not really)




Cheat days are incredibly important to those into fitness. What’s your favorite cheat day meal?


I don’t schedule weekly cheat days because it messes with my brain! Food shouldn’t be seen as a reward in my opinion, and planning to fail is not a winning strategy either. If I’m at a restaurant with friends, that’s my invitation to indulge in something satisfying and totally worth it. Even better, sometimes I’ll go by myself so I don’t have to deal with some idiot saying “wow, are you really gonna eat all that!?” Like yes, obviously I’m going to eat all that that’s why I ordered it. My advice is to eat your cheat meal alone by taking yourself out on a date to a nice restaurant. That way you can unabashedly enjoy your 7 layer chocolate cake free from judgment just as God intended. Oh, but to answer your question, bread with a stupid amount of butter/olive oil, pasta, and ice cream sundaes with the works are my fave.


What’s your motivation to keep training?


Looking fine AF 24/7 is my motivation in all things… jk (but not really). Although that is one of the reasons, at the top of my list is the mental place it puts me in. I’m more likely to work harder in other areas of my life, be way happier, feel better, and stay hungrier for an even better, more improved version of myself. Here’s another way to put it; when I stop training hard, I stop working hard.


For me, they go hand in hand.

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"Even though I’m not competing anymore, I always stay competition ready."





What are some hobbies of yours that take up most of your time?

Scrolling through Instagram and looking in the mirror take up a ton of my free time, but when I’m not drowning in an odd combo of vanity and self-doubt, I love to read. I just finished reading The Decision by Kevin Heart, Single On Purpose by John Kim, and my personal favorite, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I also read books as a voiceover artist, and the last book I read for Audible was this super cool dystopian sci-fi novel by J. H. Ramsay called Predator Moons. If you hate reading just listen to me read it to you on Audible. Did I mention it’s available now on Audible?


A common misconception among women getting into fitness is their fear of becoming ‘manly’ if they lift too much. What would you say to those still on the fence?


Go get your manly on! Every guy I’ve ever met loves a woman who looks like they can chop down a tree and throw a guy over her shoulder like it’s nothing. But even if that’s not your ideal look, it’s reallyyyyy hard to get to that level of buff, so you’re in no danger of looking like a steroid person. I started lifting about 5 months ago for the first time because I had those concerns myself, but all it’s done is give me a better tone and definition than I’ve ever had in my life. So ya! Don’t be scared ladies! Go lift some heavy shit!


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