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What’s The Key To Weight Loss? Consistency!

Ever feel like health news is too overwhelming?

Ever feel like health news is too overwhelming, fast-paced, or hard to decipher? Us too. Here, we filter through the latest in integrative health, wellness trends, and nutrition advice, reporting on the most exciting and meaningful breakthroughs. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know—and how it might help you become a healthier and happier human.

You’ve probably heard that dropping pounds slowly is the key to losing weight and keeping it off, and new research out of Drexel University finds that starting your weight-loss journey off with consistency and steady progress is key.

For the study, researchers recruited 183 overweight or obese adults living in Pennsylvania and tracked their progress over 24 months. What did they find? The study participants whose weight fluctuated the most during the first few weeks of the weight-loss program saw the worst outcomes by the end of the two-year program.

On the other hand, those who slowly lost weight by eating and exercising consistently had greater weight-loss success by the end of the experiment.

“My best recommendation for patients, based on this research, is to try to keep their eating pretty similar day to day,” says study author Emily Feig. “Things like planning ahead, prepping food for the week on Sunday, and reducing frequency of eating at restaurants can help with this since they reduce the chance of making impulsive decisions about what to eat. Building a habit of healthy, consistent eating can help patients reduce weight variability and lose weight more consistently, even if it’s at a slow pace.”

You know what they say: Slow and steady wins the race.

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