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Start Doing These Back Workouts For Serious Mass Building

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

1. Pull-Ups (Wide Grip)

Pull-ups are considered one of the best exercises for back mass building. Such exercises not only train one muscle at a time but multiple. Wide range pull-ups focus on building your upper lats. Although it is difficult to master, yet for growth, it is necessary that the right numbers of reps are done to achieve the desired results.

2. Bent Barbell Deadlift 

The Bent Barbell Deadlift is another great exercise to train your back. With the addition of weight, this exercise will help you work on the larger muscles of the lower and upper back. This exercise, however, requires good form. For you to start with the exercise you need to make sure that the technique is proper and that you are not in a vulnerable position to hurt yourself. Exercises related to back should be done with extreme care. Since it involves the back, poor form or inappropriate exercises can result in chronic pains.

3. Deadlift Barbell

Barbell Deadlift is considered to be a killer because it works on multiple muscles at a time. Even though it focuses mainly on your back but while you do it, it is basically hitting every muscle from calves to your back. Barbell deadlift may look as if it is a very easy exercise to do, but in reality, the side effects are more painful and dangerous than the results. Therefore, the technique and form are very important. Going over YouTube, you will see almost every bodybuilder including Barbell Deadlift in their daily fitness routines because they know the importance of it.

4. Smith Machine Row-Reverse Grip

The Reverse Row Smith Machine Grip will train two things at a time. Your biceps and your back. The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to pull as much weight as possible but you don’t have to balance it, and since you are keeping your elbows close to your sides, this exercise will allow you to work on your lower last. While you use the machine, make sure that you are bent over at a 45-degree position, near to the bar and use your hip muscles while working on the heavy sets.

5. Pull-Over Bench Dumbbell Decline

Another great one in the list is the Pull-Over Bench Dumbbell Decline. This exercise solely focuses on your lats and is a single joint movement. This exercise constantly puts your back in tension, due to decline form, but it is very important to make sure that you do not drop the dumbbell on yourself but on the floor when you are done with the set.

6. T-Bar Row Standing

Standing T-Bar Row allows you to use weight while you train your back. Although this exercise makes you use a few your knees and hips yet it does essentially hit the required muscles. But then again form is very important. You will have to maintain a proper form and keep yourself rigid throughout the workout. Keeping your legs locked and wide grip will help you achieve the back you want.




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