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Move Your Body, Improve Your Mood

How Physical Activity Boosts Your Mood and Mental Health.

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If you are like many people in modern society, there’s a good chance you do something to keep your physical fitness in check. You also probably know that exercise or physical activity plays a huge role in that, alongside watching your diet, getting enough rest, and avoiding stressors like the plague.

Now, being a woman regularly subjects you to various battles with your own body, feelings, and emotions. And more often than not, hormonal fluctuations – which naturally happen regularly throughout the courses of our lives – are to blame. Undeniably, these fluctuations can have a profound impact on a woman’s overall mental wellness, including her mood.

Thankfully, all you may need to improve your mood is some physical activity!

How Physical Activity Boosts Your Mood and Mental Health 

Any form of physical activity is good for your body and mental wellness. The benefits are even more rewarding to your physical, mental, and spiritual health if you adopt a well-rounded workout regimen. Besides just helping you lose some calories and get toned up, regular physical activity has been shown to help improve sleep, combat stress, reduce anxiety, and even diminish depression over time.

Scientifically, moving your body has been shown to trigger the release of feel-good chemicals called endorphins in your brain, which helps fight off stress hormones like cortisol while improving mood. Moreover, keeping fit can boost your mental health and mood by improving your self-esteem and confidence in your body image. The sense of accomplishment you get from the rewards of regular exercise can also help promote your mood in the long term.

When to Seek Medical Help 

Exercise alone may not always be enough to address mood and other mental health issues. Especially for someone battling chronic depression or trauma, long-term anxiety, or things like PTSD and substance abuse disorders, seeking professional treatment is often the best solution. 

As the mental healthcare providers at Roots, a psychiatry team located in Long Beach would affirm, the best treatment approach for patients with challenges like these may vary from one individual to the other. It’s best to seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • You’re completely unable to workout
  • Your mood issues or anxiety won’t resolve even after exercising
  • You’ve experienced unexplained headaches for a while
  • You’re having panic attacks
  • You have an underlying medical issue

4 Mood-Uplifting Moving Activities You Can Try 

1. Biking 

Cycling, even on a stationary bike, can be enough to give you the same endorphin boost as running if not more. Biking is a great form of aerobic exercise that you can do practically anywhere, anytime, burning plenty of calories in the process.

2. Dancing

Dancing has been shown to stimulate the same endorphins as running and can help improve your mood. It’s not only an amazing way to work up a sweat and boost your mood, but also a great way to unwind and forget about your worries for a while.

Dancing is actually among the best ways to make your lifestyle more active every day. Simply take your favorite dancing track, watch a few great dance videos on YouTube, and rock out with a good song. You can even find a dance partner or do it with a friend.

3. Running

Of course, a run is the “rock star” in this list… period! Running has been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins, which gives you that “runner’s high” feeling of elation. Take a jog every now and then to feel even better about yourself. If you can’t run, taking a walk, drive, or ride could also help you blow off some steam and unclutter your mind.


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