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Heather Marsh’s Killer Plyometric Track Workout

Excellent workout tips from Fitness Gurls Athlete Heather Marsh

Heather Marsh has one of the most beautiful and inspiring physiques in the fitness industry. She’s a mother, a WBFF Pro Competitor and she shares her secrets on how to get gorgeous and sexy arms this session.

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Scan the row of athletes at the start of any track event, and you’ll see physiques that combine lithe grace with explosive power. Track-based workouts help you achieve both the strength of a sprinter and the endurance and mental fortitude of a long distance runner. Athletes at all levels go to the oval for some of their most important training.

It may look simple, but a track provides endless opportunities for fitness improvement without a membership fee or any pricey exercise equipment. Its flat, straight 100-meter stretches are ideal for speed work and agility drills. Sprints develop your muscles and can help you lose weight faster than jogging. Agility work improves coordination and focus.

The full 400-meter length lends itself to repeats, time trials, and endurance-building exercise. You can easily monitor your progress and measure out the distance of your workouts without using a GPS.

The track’s even rubber surface is a lot friendlier to your bones than a hard gym floor or a concrete sidewalk. In fact this surface, which is tailored to running, boosts your efficiency. The repetitive nature of the oval builds crucial mental fitness with every rep.

“Let exercise be your stress relief not food”

– Heather Marsh

And some of the most valuable track-based workouts don’t even take place within the painted lanes. Athletes charge up the nearby stairs (and sometimes, bleachers) in intense cardio workouts that activate and rapidly tone the leg muscles. Some tracks have hurdles that can be arranged for flexibility drills. And inside the oval, there is often a wide grassy space where you can warm up, cool down and do low impact exercises.

Tracks are social places. If you prefer to stoke your competitive fire by exercising with other people, you and your workout buddies have space to race in multiple lanes. A track-based workout can be very simple and still yield big changes for your body. It shaves minutes off your running pace, strengthens a variety of muscle groups, and hones your mental endurance.

Killer Plyometric Track Workout

Duck walks 1 min
Side shuffles 1 min each way
Tuck jumps 1 min
Walking lunges 1 min
100-meter sprints
Repeat circuit 4 times

More about Heather Marsh:
Heather is a WBFF Fitness Model Pro, Personal Trainer, and Online Coach.
Follow her on IG: @heathermarsh_fitness

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