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8 Tips On How To Avoid Workout Injuries

1. Warm Yourself Properly

A proper warm is usually a high rep, low-intensity low pace exercise that is used to increase the blood flow across the muscles. It also increases the temperature of our bodies, making us more mobile and flexible as we train further. Taking a light spin on your cycling machine, swimming a few laps, jogging, stretching and stair climbing are the recommended ways to warm up before your workout. 

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2. Hire A Professional

If you have just ventured into the fitness world, and have no idea about how to begin a new workout routine, the perhaps a trainer is the ideal solution for you. Not only can trainers come up with a personalized exercise routine for you, they can help you achieve your fitness goals with the least probability of injuries. 

3. Cross Train

Changing up your daily exercise regime can help tackle the monotonous routine and is a great way to avoid injuries. The muscles of our body experience fatigue and higher risk of injuries if we keep using them excessively. It’s better to divide the whole week into Ab day, Leg day and arm etc. so you can achieve an overall toned look.

4. Improper Techniques

This is in accordance to the point I mentioned above. Excessive twisting and heavy weight lifting in certain postures can rip, pull or even tear the delicate muscle fibers or worse, you could injure your spinal cord and suffer a life threatening injury. It’s integral to start by properly educating yourself about various exercise techniques and the absolute dos and don’ts. That’s where a professional becomes crucial.

5. Be Mindful About Your Training

Just because you could do a certain of training 10 years back doesn’t mean your body can withstand the pressure today. It’s important to keep mindful expectations of your body and your fitness goals. Try to give yourself some time and gradually increase the intensity of the workout as you progress. 

6. Eat A Balanced Diet And Hydrate

It’s not just about the outside that you have to worry about. Keeping your body healthy and fit from the inside should be the ultimate goal. When undergoing a rigorous workout schedule, aim for a high protein and low fat diet. Consume eggs, meat, fish or even protein shakes if you fancy them. Going hand in hand with the theme, drink ample amounts of water and plain sugar free fluids to replenish the body’s water sources.

7. Make Strength And Core Training Your Main Goal

Sure you might want those six packs, those toned abs or those trimmed thighs, aim for a strong and fit body to keep your muscles balanced to keep various forms of injuries at bay.

8. Listen To Your Body And Recover

If your limbs ache and the soreness is just not going away even after 48 hours, you need to evaluate your exercise routine thoroughly. These are signals that your body needs rest to recover from the fatigue and soreness from training. It’s best to let yourself wind down to avoid any serious injuries in the future.




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