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3 Warm Up Exercises Which Can Help You Start More Intense Workouts

Most of the people underestimate the need for the warm-up workouts. The truth is that you have to actually practice warmups on a regular basis. Only when you are able to do that, you can get your body ready for the exercise. It does not matter the intensity of the exercise which you want to accomplish, you should always accustom your body to the warmup workouts. Once you are able to a custom the body to the warmup workouts, thereafter only you can be sure that there will be no injury during working out.

We will today share with you 3 different form of exercises which you can practice on a regular basis.

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1 Upper body boxing workout:
You have to draw circles with your arms. You have to do that in a clockwise fashion as well as counterclockwise fashion. Another exercise which will help you target the upper body is the crossovers. You have to move both of your arms to your sides. Then you have to cross them in front of your chest. You have to do this repeatedly.

2 Core workout:
One of the best exercises which you can opt for the core workout is to move your chin towards your chest. You have to drop your shoulders. You have to move your chin slightly forward. Thereafter, you have to move the shoulders back to the chin and lift your chest as well. You have to bend your back slightly as well. You have to repeat this exercise again and again in order to build core strength.

3 Lower body warmup:
You have to place the hands on your hips. You have to spread your feet more than the shoulder width. Thereafter, you have to move your hips in a clockwise direction and thereafter in the anticlockwise direction. You have to do so while your hands are extended from both the sides.

When you’re looking for quality warmup exercises which can actually help you in undertaking more intense exercises, these are the 3 exercises which you should opt for. With these 3 exercises, it will become much easier for you to get ready for your workout. Whether you are opting for the boxing workout after that or the regular workout at the gym, your body will be able to handle that easily. You have to practice this warmup workout on a regular basis.



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